YJ Tested: 6 Yoga Pants + Shorts Guys Will Live In

Guys, your what-to-wear-to-yoga dilemma ends here. These 6 men’s yoga pants and shorts are so comfortable, you’ll probably be wearing them next time a free hour presents itself, making it super convenient to just drop into a class.

Men now make up nearly a third of the American yoga community, according to our 2016 Yoga in America study, but you wouldn't know it by walking into most yoga apparel stores. The practice-wear options for men still feel scarce compared with the oversaturated women’s athleisure market. So we did the shopping for you and then asked some of our favorite male yogis to put our picks to the test. The result is a list of six men’s yoga pants and shorts that offer comfort and function in addition to sweat-wicking and style.