6 Most Inspiring Yogis on Instagram This Week

The most inspiring yoga photos speak for themselves. Check out Yoga Journal’s top pics for inspiring Instagram accounts.
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Scroll through Instagram and check out these inspiring yogis.

If there’s one social media platform out there responsible for constantly distracting me, it’s Instagram. With everything from professional food photography and ridiculous memes, to informative videos and hilarious boomerangs, there’s something for everyone to, well, get sucked in. For me, Instagram offers endless yoga inspiration—and luckily, the distraction is usually a positive one.

For so many yogis posting on Instagram, creating beautiful shapes in front of beautiful backdrops is the norm. Yet while I appreciate a great Dancer’s Pose in front of a Balinese waterfall as much as the next girl, I tend to focus on what’s below the picture: the caption. What I zoom in on is much more than just a stunning photograph; I love it when yoga teachers and practitioners share their dharma talks, write inspiring words of wisdom, and speak to an important cause. Take @yoga_girl, Rachel Brathen, for example, who built her 2 million followers through Instagram posts, stories, and creation of the hashtag #yogaeverydamnday, which includes over 4 million posts from yogis around the world.

So, whether you’re a poster, scroller, or both, here’s a little Instagram yoga inspiration that moved me this week. Here’s hoping it inspires you, too.

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