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6 Nourishing Winter Lip Balms

Our lips lack the many protective layers of the rest of our skin, 
so it takes more to keep them hydrated. The nourishing oils in 
these balms and sticks seal in moisture and keep lips smooth and soft.

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Our lips lack the many protective layers of the rest of our skin, so it takes more to keep them hydrated. Count on the nourishing oils in these balms and sticks to seal in moisture and keep lips smooth and soft, even in the driest of winters.

Éminence Lip Trio

lip balm, chapstick

This triple-step treatment is designed to refine, soften, and plump lips over a four-week period. Step 1: Exfoliate weekly with citrus and pineapple enzymes. Step 2: Hydrate with a shea-butter lip masque. (Shea butter, derived from the nut of the African shea tree, is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants and acts as an emollient, making skin soft and supple.) Step 3: Maintain hydration and plump lips with a citrus lip balm. ($60,

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Honeybee Gardens Truly Natural Lipstick

red lipstick

Nutrient-rich sunflower-seed oil, cocoa butter, and sesame-seed oil penetrate deep into the skin, sealing in moisture. And Honeybee Gardens uses natural, mineral-based pigments to create its 20 shades of lipstick. ($13,

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Yes To Naturally Smooth Lip Balm


This balm provides a trifecta of coconut oil, aloe, and shea butter to nourish and hydrate your lips. Coconut oil is unique in the high levels of protective anti-inflammatory fatty acids it provides. Plus, it has an aroma that will transport you right to the sunny tropics. ($3,

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W3ll People Nudist Colorbalm

chapstick, lip balm

Organic omega oils moisturize your lips, while mica, iron oxides, and other minerals add long-lasting color with this hydrating balm. An added bonus: Soothing aloe vera oil, which research has shown to decrease inflammation and pain, especially from harsh sun exposure, provides a healing touch. ($20,

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deVine Lip Shimmer

lip balm

This tinted balm delivers the antiaging benefits of wine grapes to your lips. Grape-seed oil offers skin-rejuvenating linoleic acid, while the potent antioxidant resveratrol helps protect against sun damage. The shimmers come in eight aromas and hues, including Bordeaux and Cabernet. ($6,

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Elemental Herbs All Good SPF 15 Original Lip Balm


The Italian beauty Sophia Loren is said to have added a few capfuls of olive oil to her bathwater to keep her skin silky. Apocryphal tale or not, her method makes sense: Olive oil, found in this balm, is packed with a natural moisturizer called squalane, as well as antioxidants that mop up free radicals. And Elemental Herbs adds safe, non-nano zinc oxide to help block the sun’s rays. ($4,

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