6 Sattva-Boosting Tips

Use these tips from Ayurveda expert Larissa Hall Carlson to increase your physical and mental well-begin.

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Sattva, the quality of purity and peacefulness, is one of the three gunas (qualities of nature) in yogic philosophy. Tamas, darkness and lethargy, and rajas, energy and passion, are the other two gunas, and the goal is to balance these three qualities as much as possible in your daily life. 

“In Ayurveda, there are different treatment protocols. One approach is to, rather than worrying about rajas and tamas, focus on boosting sattva,” says Larissa Hall Carlson. “The other approach to working with the maha gunas is to counter excess tamas with a little bit of rajas or to reduce excess rajas with a little bit of tamas.” Once you balance your outer koshas by using food, lifestyle modifications, and a yoga practice, you can begin to propel prana (life force) not only throughout your physical body but into your mental body as well to create a heightened state of consciousness.

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1. Eat sattvic foods

Anything that’s fresh, organic, local, and seasonal is balancing, says Carlson.

2. Improve digestion

Use a gentle digestive (ginger, cumin, coriander, fennel, cardamom) herb formula to get on the right track, says Douillard.

3. Don’t forget food prep

Unless you’re preparing your meals with love and in peace, they’ll only trigger imbalance.

nature is a sattvic experience

4. Get outside

Whether you watch a sunrise or take a walk in the park, being out in nature is a sattvic experience.

5. Entertainment counts

Instead of watching violent TV shows or reading pessimistic stories, opt for interesting documentaries or films with lots of love or laughter.

6. Keep good company

Positive, optimistic conversation inspires more sattva.