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6 Wellness Treats for Mother’s Day to Keep Her Happy, Healthy, and Moving

6 Mother’s Day Gifts to Help Mom Live Her Best Life

Mothers have a way of showing up whenever you need them and always being there for you. This year, show up for your mom by supporting her holistic wellness throughout the entire day, from waking moment to meditative wind down, with these Mother’s Day gifts.

For Sleep: White Noise Sleep Sound Machine

When life gets hectic, sleep is often the first thing to go. But catching some nighttime Zs is as vital to our health as eating food and drinking water—without it, we won’t survive. And yet, the National Sleep Foundation found that a whopping 60 percent of adults report difficulty sleeping at least a few nights a week. We’ve all heard that adults should aim for 7 to 9 hours of shuteye, and the consequences of pushing those boundaries—weakened immune system, elevated risk of heart disease and diabetes, compromised long- and short-term memory, and more—aren’t just issues you can hit snooze on. In the same way that you can set yourself up for success when you step onto the mat, you can help Mom set herself up for a successful night of real rest with the White Noise Sleep Sound Machine ($27, from Letsfit. There are 30 tracks to choose from, depending on what makes her feel most at home, be it white noise, fans, or lullabies, which, according to the Sleep Foundation, helps promote healthy, high-quality sleep. Plus, there’s a self-timer, so the machine won’t be whirring into the night, and the nature sounds mean it could double as a soundscape for morning meditation as well. 

Letsfit Bike Shorts

For Movement: Sports Bra and Biker Short set

Be it to the yoga studio, work, or friend’s backyard BBQ, Mom is always on the move! Which is good news, as regular movement—including yoga and walking—staves off chronic disease, increases energy, and actually makes her happier, according to a large and growing body of research. Give her a boost of serotonin (the body’s feel-good hormone) to go along with that endorphin rush by decking her out in a new set of gear tailored toward bodies in motion. The Letsfit wide-strapped sports bra ($18, comes in fun colors, double lined with high-quality fabric with enough elasticity to support her in Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose) without constricting her breath for pranayama. 

Pair the top with matching high-waisted biker shorts ($15,, great for warmer weather. Ideal for stepping onto the mat, mounting a stationary bike, or taking to the trails, these breathable biker shorts—with pockets!—provide added support with a wide, high waistband that lends soft compression without pinching. The fabric is light, soft to the touch, and super breathable, with a gusseted crotch to eliminate chafing and moisture-wicking technology, keeping her comfortable and focused on her asana flow. Alternatively, opt for full-coverage with a pair of classic high-waisted full-length leggings ($15,, equipped with pockets and available in a suit of fun hues. 

Letsfit Resistance Bands 2

For Strength: Resistance Bands

Strength training isn’t just for extreme lifters looking to walk their spray-tanned buff bodies across the competition stage—and your mom, who’s likely carried more than her fair share throughout her life, has a lot to gain from working her muscles. Unfortunately, free weights can be pricey, bulky, and take up a lot of space at home. That’s where resistance bands ($8, come in. According to a 2010 study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, these lightweight, versatile tools are as effective as free weights and weight machines. But instead of taking up your mom’s whole garage, they fit in a pouch about the size of a plastic sandwich baggie. Each set comes with 5 bands ranging in resistance strength level so that she can target, isolate, and strengthen different muscle groups in turn.

Letsfit Yoga Mat

For Restoration: Yoga Mat

When it comes to getting a move on, studies show that the wind down may be just as important as the buildup. Taking time to stretch regularly improves posture, alleviates back pain (a chronic condition that affects 65 million Americans), reduces stress, and primes muscles to get back into action faster—all of which is important for longevity. Gift your mom a solid foundation on which to stretch it out with an odorless ¼-inch thick yoga mat ($28,, with high bounce-back and extra cushion (without sacrificing grip!) to protect her joints while sinking deeper into her restorative practice. The Letsfit mat includes helpful visual cues for guiding a safe practice that encourages optimum alignment and fits neatly into bag and strap that it comes with.

Letsfit Smart Watch

For Fun: Smartwatch

Having fun, it turns out, pays off—big time. Turning health and wellness into a game (such as with apps or fitness trackers) results in significantly increased levels of activity, according to A study published in the 2018 issue of the Journal of the American Heart Association. So what would happen if your mom could gamify her entire life? The Letsfit IW1 smartwatch ($40,, an all-day activity tracker that pairs with Android and iPhone smartphones, gets close, monitoring sleep and blood oxygen saturation (typically unheard of at this price point), steps, heart rate, and distance traveled along. The data is combined and imported into the Letsfit app so that she can easily spot patterns and make adjustments to optimize her health, happiness, and overall well-being—nothing short of what every mom deserves this Mother’s Day. 



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