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6 Yoga Retreats to Help You Recover from a Bad Breakup

Get some distance from the emotional landmines in your life while deepening your practice and feeding your soul on these magical post-breakup adventures.
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Learn about these 6 yoga retreats for post-breakup healing.

Heartbreak is brutal. It doesn’t matter who did the breaking up, the end of a big relationship is devastating. Your body feels like it’s going through withdrawal (there is a reason it’s called heartbreak, after all), motivation hits rock-bottom, and though your friends and family are sympathetic, no one really seems to get it. Add a family and divorce and you might also be looking at big financial and legal messes, all while trying to keep it together in front of the kids.

But, there is an upside: All those raw feelings and jarring shifts can provide a solid starting point for some serious growth. That’s why the weeks and months after a breakup is a prime time to embark on that yoga retreat you’ve been meaning to take.

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Yoga is a secret weapon for the heartbroken. Not only does your practice give you a happy-boosting workout, but it also emphasizes patience, flexibility, and mindfulness—all traits that come in handy when charting a new path forward. These six retreats combine those ideas with gorgeous locations and groups of soul sisters (plus pro counseling sessions, adventure, cleansing ceremonies, massages, and spiritual healers) to turn your breakup into a breakthrough.

6 Yoga Retreats Perfect for Heartbreak 

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