7 Ways to Get Your Best Sleep Ever

Celebrate World Sleep Day by having a lie in and trying some of our best ever tips for using yoga to sleep deeper and wake more rested.

Today is World Sleep Day—a great time to focus on the quality of your z’s. Great sleep impacts your overall quality of life, your health and happiness. These yoga practices will help you get your best sleep ever—try one tonight.


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15 Poses to Help You Sleep Better

Ease into a restful night with this practice to try at home with this sequence from yoga teacher Jeanie Manchester.

colleen and rodney yee Colleen Saidmain Yee and Rodney Yee

Goodnight, Insomnia: An Urban Zen Sequence for Better Sleep

This combination of restorative yoga, meditation, essential oils, and Reiki— from dream team Colleen Saidman Yee and Rodney Yee—will help ease anxiety and insomnia to deliver your best night’s zzz’s.

Can’t Sleep? Try These 6 Restorative Poses Right in Bed

Next time you need some support surrendering to sleep, grab some pillows and try this sequence of pre-slumber asanas between the sheets.

Prep Your Space for Deep Sleep

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Sleep meditation

Yoga for Insomnia

Baxter Bell, MD, explains how yoga helps tackle the most common causes of insomnia and can lead to better sleep.


Woman sleeping in bed.

11 Simple Ways to Get Better Sleep

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