7 Must-Try Yoga Hybrids

Is your yoga practice getting stale? Shake things up with these yoga hybrids. From aerial yoga to yoga with weights, there’s a class for everyone.

If your regular yoga practice is getting stale, it might be time to shake things up. Fortunately there are a slew of fun, challenging, and never-boring yoga hybrids now to choose from. From aerial yoga to yoga with weights, there’s a class for everyone. Here are some of our favorites.

Core Fusion Yoga

core fusion yoga, side plank variation, vasisthasana

Too hard to choose between your favorite barre class and yoga? Get the best of both worlds with Core Fusion Yoga, a blend of Exhale’ssignature barre class and athletic yoga. Work your arms and abs with traditional Sun Salutations then tone your glutes and thighs with isometric leg lifts.

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Teacher Training, green yoga studios

It may seem like an odd pairing but yoga and weights truly are a match made in heaven. In CorePower’sYoga Sculpt class, heat up with rounds of vinyasa flows and strong standing and balancing poses while building lean muscle through the use of hand weights. Genius.

CrossFit Yoga

cross flow, yoga class

CrossFit is a great way to build muscle. But it’s also easy to overdo it. That is, unless you have a great CrossFit yoga recovery class to help increase your range of motion and reduce pain and injuries.

Aerial Yoga

antigravity yoga, headstand, salamba sirsasana

Executing poses while suspended from a cloth hammock is not only whimsical, it’s hard! Different muscular and balancing actions are required, guaranteeing a killer workout. Plus, the effortless stretching that comes from being suspended in the air feels delicious on the joints and spine.

Hot Vinyasa Yoga

stacey adams adjustment, extended side angle, utthita parsvokonasana

Want to get limber fast? Try a class that combines heat with vinyasa flows. You’ll increase flexibility, increase blood flow, and stimulate your metabolism. Just be prepared to sweat—a lot! Temperatures inside a hot yoga studio average 105 degrees so bring a towel (or two!) and plenty of water.

Photo by Stacey Adams Photography

Boot Camp Yoga

crow pose, bakasana, chin stand pose, ganda bherundasana

Yoga Boot Camps come in myriad formats, but typically blend traditional yoga with circuit-training techniques to build lean muscle and rev your heart rate in a high-intensity workout, like offers.

Photo by Katherine Moore

Trampoline Yoga

It may not be a thing yet, but at least one clever NYC studio has swapped yoga mats for mini trampolines. The hook? An hour-long practice blending Kundalini pranayama techniques and leveraging the bounce factor to cultivate deep calm, core strength, and flexibility all in the spirit of improvisation. Count us in!

Photo by William Hedberg