9 Travel Hacks to Help You Find More Zen (Really!) on Your Next Flight

Traveling can make you feel cranky and stiff—the opposite of how you feel after a yoga class. But it doesn’t have to. Here’s how to beat the tiny-seat, stiff-leg, jet lag blues.
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Everyone knows how we feel after a flight: cramped, cranky, and stiff from the stress of being herded through security lines and sitting for too many hours at a time in a too-small seat. That feeling can sometimes even mess with the first couple of hours at your destination, as you struggle to shake off that “flight hangover.” But what if you could find some subtle, simple ways to change your flight into a restful, peaceful, Zen-filled time? It is possible—with these expert tips.

To figure out how the heck we could hack our flight routines and actually feel good during and after air travel, we turned to world-traveling yoga teachers Jennifer Ursillo (aka @TribeVinyasa) and Toni Rosenwald. Here are their best tips to help you step off your next flight feeling like you just stepped out of the yoga studio.

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