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A Healthy Snack, But Make It Taste Good

Powerful workouts need a powerful snack, and nothing beats cheese when it comes to refueling muscles, satisfying hunger, and plenty of other perks.

Snacks, like home workouts, are on the rise, and both have come a long way since the days of jazzercise and leg warmers. After hitting the mat to clear your mind and stretch your muscles, you want something just as satisfying as your workout was to help you bounce back and power through the rest of your day. That something is more delicious and more convenient than you imagine. 

With five or more grams of protein and as little as 70 calories each, BelGioioso’s snacking cheeses are the perfect way to refuel, plus research has shown that cheese can be as good for our bodies and minds as it is for our taste buds. Some of the proven benefits of cheese include:

  • Boosting muscle mass. A 2019 systematic review in Advances in Nutrition found that dairy protein such as cheese helped reduce the age-related loss of muscle in middle aged and older adults. Hard cheeses like Parmesan and American Grana have the most per ounce.
  • Strengthening bones. One ounce of cheese packs around 200 milligrams of skeleton-strengthening calcium, about one-fifth of the daily recommended amount.
  • Improving your smile. Research has found that cheese, but not other dairy products, raise pH levels in the mouth, which can help prevent cavities from forming. Cheese also contains compounds that appear to protect tooth enamel.
  • Keeping your mind sharp. Iowa State University researchers recently found that eating cheese was strongly associated with a lower risk of age-related cognitive decline. 
  • Making your gut happy (and healthy). Aged cheeses like Parmesan contain good-for-you bacteria that have probiotic benefits, and butyrate, a short chain fatty acid that has been studied for its anti-obesity properties.

BelGioioso snacking cheeses are already portion-controlled into portable, single-serving sizes and made with all natural, non-rBST milk in Wisconsin, so they fit right into any whole foods, high-protein, and low-carb diets. All you need to add is inspiration. Whether you shavanasa with the rising sun or squeeze in a sweat session at lunch, there’s a cheese pairing that’s perfect for you:

BelGioioso_Snacking Cheeses_hand holding

After an a.m. workout, try …

Parmesan + melon

American Grana + grapes

Fresh Mozzarella + strawberries skewers

After a noon class, try …

Fontina + olives

Aged Balsamic & Cipolline Onion Artigiano + walnuts

Fresh Mozzarella + roasted red peppers or sun-dried tomatoes

After a late-night session, try …

Vino Rosso Artigiano + dark chocolate 

Asiago Fresco + whole-grain crackers

American Grana + pear slices