Acu-Yoga: Accupressure and Yoga Therapy

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Got that achy feeling that signals a bug coming on? Acu-yoga might be just the cure you're looking for.

Developed by Michael Reed Gach, founder of the Acupuncture Institute in Berkeley, California, Acu-yoga blends the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, yoga therapy, and hatha yoga into a self-care formula anyone can use. Years ago, Gach realized that yoga poses naturally stimulate specific meridians (invisible channels in the body through which chi circulates), which can lead to healing. Once you learn which poses correlate to which acupressure points, you can press these areas while in the poses to get an extra oomph.

The benefits of Acu-yoga aren't limited to physical healing—it also helps with emotional and spiritual transformation. As Yolanda Bain, a yoga teacher and acupressure therapist who studied with Gach, explains, "If you're experiencing fear and you know that fear is connected to the kidney meridian, you can practice Baddha Konasana and press the 'bubbling spring' point on the sole of the foot, which opens that meridian."