Clean Eating

Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Beat Bloating

To skip or to stock? Avoid foods that promote inflammation and choose ones that keep bloating at bay.

To skip or to stock? Avoid foods that promote inflammation and choose ones that keep bloating at bay.

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SKIP: Processed Oils

Your salad should taste and feel good. Steer clear of processed oils like cottonseed, soybean, and peanut to keep your body happy and healthy.

STOCK: Whole & Cracked Grains

Easy on digestion and delicious as well, whole and cracked grains are a great anti-inflammatory snack choice.

SKIP: High-Glycemic Fruit

They look sweet, juicy, and healthy. But if you’re trying to bring down inflammation, skip high-glycemic tropical fruits like bananas, pineapple, mango, and papaya.

STOCK: Dark Chocolate

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Plain dark chocolate is low in sugar, provides a healthy fat, and contains beneficial antioxidants.

SKIP: Refined, Processed Foods


If it comes in a package and has countless ingredients you can’t pronounce, odds are it’s a big skip. Keep the shopping cart moving when passing refined, processed, and manufactured food, including quick-digesting carbs like bread, white potatoes, crackers, chips, and pastry.



Tea has been used for millenia to calm the system, and the proof keeps coming. The best choices for anti-inflammation are high quality white, green, or oolong tea.

SKIP: Sugar

We all know it’s not the best, but when inflammation kicks up, it’s that time to give sugar (matter how sweet it may be) the boot. Yes, even juice!

STOCK: Healthy Oils

Oils are essential for cooking, so instead of giving them the nix, simply choose your oils wisely. Try healthier options like extra virgin olive, coconut, grapeseed, organic expeller-pressed canola, avocado, sesame, and palm fruit.

SKIP: Coffee

Ahhh, the refreshing taste of coffee in the morning. But remember that coffee can cause inflammation, so opt for tea next time before running to the coffee pot.

STOCK: Cool-Climate Fruits

Indulge on these anti-inflammatory, cool-climate fruits like berries, cherries, apples, and pears. No inflammation? That’s real sweet!