Armchair Yogi: Ravi Singh


"Many yoga spiritual books bore me," says Ravi Singh, founder of Ravi Yoga and Spa in New York City. A creative writing major in the '70s, Singh moved from Chicago to New York to become a poet. But he found that his desire to inspire people could be achieved more immediately—and reach more people—by teaching Kundalini Yoga. These days his reading includes The Body Reveals: An Illustrated Guide to the Psychology of the Body by Ron Kurtz and Hector Presetera, which reveals how our bodies are maps of our emotional patterns. Masters of Enchantment: The Lives and Legends of the Mahasiddhas "shows how Tantric Yoga masters had lives like us." Singh encourages yogis to read any translation of The Life of Milarepa and also praises the "extraordinary language" that transports one from what is know to what is unknown and then back again in the works of Spanish poets Pablo Neruda, Garcia Lorca, and particularly Cesar Vallejo. Singh, poet and yogi, still believes "Great art is spirit in evidence."