Ask the Expert: Weightlifting for Arm Balances and Inversions

Our expert weighs in on weight training, and whether or not it'll give you the extra push you need in your practice.
yogis doing inversions on a beach

Q: I want to be stronger in inversions and arm balances. Is yoga enough or should I start lifting weights?

A: You can be successful in these poses without weight training, but it can be an amazing tool to help you break through plateaus. To get stronger muscles you need to apply greater-than-normal stress to them either by making them hold more weight than they’re used to or by holding weight longer. So if you’re used to holding plank pose in your practice for a minute, and you do that again and again, you may stop seeing progress.

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Adding a weightlifting routine will overload certain muscles more, so you can build balanced strength for lifting into Crow Pose or Handstand stronger and longer.

Amy Opielowski
CorePower Yoga national BootCamp leader and personal trainer

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