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A Calming Yin Yoga Practice for the Full Moon in Taurus

The theme of this upcoming full Moon is slow, steady, and indulgent. This Yin practice delivers on each of those.

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On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, the full Moon in Taurus will illuminate the night sky. For those who listen to its subtle energies, the full Moon offers insights into personal development and spiritual maturation. Each full moon is different due to the influence of the sign it resides in on that particular day.

Taurus, a fixed Earth sign, invites us to slow things down and bring a bit of indulgence into our lives. Taurus energy is slow, steady, abundant, and delicious. When the moon is in Taurus, we’re reminded not to overwork ourselves. In Western cultures, we’re often praised for “hustling” and pushing ourselves to our limits. And while dedication (or tapas, as it is known in yoga) is powerful, we must also step back and prioritize the actual enjoyment of life.

Taurus is also ruled by the planet Venus. She, too, carries an innate sense of sensuality and indulgence. You can channel this energy by taking time this week to slow down and indulge your senses. Enjoy a luxurious bath. Indulge in warm, soothing foods. Turn on music that moves you. Settle into some Yin Yoga poses that allow you to simply be and feel. Slow down and take in the textures and sights and sounds around you. Observe where you can create a sense of wealth in your life.

A Yin Yoga practice for the full Moon in Taurus

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This 60-minute Yin Yoga sequence will help you ground into your body and luxuriate in stillness. Supported twists help release tension along the spine, while forward bends work wonders for an overexerted nervous system. I invite you to put on your comfiest clothes, light candles, dim the lights, and indulge yourself with this 60-minute yoga class.

You deserve it! For this class, you will need a bolster or a couple firm pillows.

Woman lying on her back practicing Yin Yoga with one leg crossed over the other and her arms stretched out to the side
(Photo: Sierra Vandervort)

Supported Supine Twist

To begin, sit on your mat and place your bolster (or stacked pillows) lengthwise on the mat by your right hip. Lie on your back and bring both of your knees into your chest. Take a few grounding breaths here, allowing your lower back to get heavy. Then, extend your right leg straight on the mat in front of you and your right arm straight out at a 90-degree angle to your side. Gently roll over onto your right side until you can place your left knee on the bolster. From here, slowly ease your way into a twist by lowering your left shoulder back toward the mat. You can pause halfway, resting your left hand on your ribs or extend fully with your left arm straight out from your shoulder. Settle into a space that feels comfortable and sustainable for you. Rest here for 3 minutes, closing your eyes and softening your breath.

When you’re ready, slowly unwind and bring both knees back toward your chest. Take a moment to settle before repeating on the second side. Finish with both knees hugging into your chest once again.

Woman lying on her back on a yoga mat practicing Yin Yoga with her legs crossed to stretch her outer hips
(Photo: Sierra Vandervort)

Reclining Shoelace Pose

From both knees drawn in toward your chest, bring your left knee a little closer to you. Gently cross your left thigh on top of your right, aligning your knees one on top of the other, if possible. If your knees don’t stack, that’s fine, simply find a partial crossing of the legs that feels comfortable to you. Interlace your fingers and rest your hands on your right knee or shin, adding a little pressure. You may feel a compressive stretch along your outer left hip. Release into it. Keep your lower back rooted on the ground and soften your body a little more with each exhalation. Stay in this position for at least 3 minutes. When finished, you can reset with a Happy Baby Pose or any stretch that feels good in your body before moving into Shoelace on the other side.

Woman lying on her back practicing Yin Yoga with her hips lifted and her feet pressing into the ground
(Photo: Sierra Vandervort)

Bridge Pose

From Shoelace, release your feet to the mat with your knees bent. Rest your arms alongside your body as you bring your heels toward your hips so you can graze your heels with your fingertips. On an inhalation, lift your hips toward the ceiling and reach your knees forward. Gently press your arms and the back of your head into the mat and reach your hips toward the front of the mat in Bridge Pose. Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths here. Then slowly lower your spine to the mat. Draw your knees toward your chest and softly rock back and forth for a few moments.

Woman practicing Yin Yoga by draping herself onto a bolster or pillow with her knees and forearms on the yoga mat
(Photo: Sierra Vandervort)

Supported Child’s Pose

From Bridge Pose, slowly make your way onto one side and come onto your hands and knees. Place your bolster lengthwise in front of you, snuggling it between your thighs. Bring your knees as wide as your mat. Exhale as you lower yourself down, arms extended alongside the bolster, turning your head to one side and resting one cheek on the bolster. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths here. Use your exhales to imagine your chest releasing onto the bolster and your arms and legs sinking even deeper into the floor. Stay here for at least 2 minutes before switching your gaze to the other side. Take another 2 minutes here.

Woman lying on her yoga mat
(Photo: Sierra Vandervort)

Sleeping Swan

From Childs Pose, transition slowly into hands and knees and make your way into a Downward-Facing Dog, taking a moment to bend into each knee and release any built-up tension. Lift your right leg behind you for Three-Limbed Dog, then bring your right knee forward behind your right wrist for Sleeping Swan. Bring the outer edge of your right knee and calf to the floor and slide your right foot toward the front of your left hip. Lower your left knee to the mat, untuck your left foot, and let your pelvis settle toward the mat, taking a bolster of folded blanket beneath your right hip if you find your right hip lower than your left. Release your chest toward the mat as you come onto your hands or forearms. Focus on releasing the gripping in your outer hips and softening the edges of your body. Breathe here for 4 minutes.

Woman practicing Yin Yoga by sitting on her yoga mat with one leg straight leaning forward with her neck relaxed
(Photo: Sierra Vandervort)

Half Butterfly

From Sleeping Swan pose, roll over onto your right hip until it touches down on the mat and sweep your left leg around so it’s extended straight in front of you. Keep your right knee bent and draw your right foot toward your left thigh. Sit for a moment with your shoulders over your hips. Take a minute to ground your sitting bones into the floor. On an inhale, lengthen through your spine and begin to fold forward, reaching your heart towards your toes. Rather than reaching as far as you can and grabbing your toes with your hands, try resting your hands alongside your knee and flipping your palms to face the ceiling. Let your spine round and draw your chin towards your chest. As you breathe here, allow your body to sink deeper into the pose, releasing any pent-up tension as you go. Stay here for 4 minutes.

Reset in Downward-Facing Dog for a few breaths before repeating Sleeping Swan and Half Butterfly on the left side. Reset in Downward-Facing Dog afterward.

Woman practicing Yin Yoga with her knees bent and her chest twisted to stretch her lower back
(Photo: Sierra Vandervort)

Deer Pose

From Downward-Facing Dog, lower your knees to the mat and come to kneeling. Grab your bolster and place it lengthwise behind you. Come to sit on your left hip, bringing it alongside the short edge of the bolster. Keeping your knees bent, stagger them enough so each shin and knee can lay flat on the mat, preferably at 90-degree angles to one another. If this isn’t possible for you, find some position with bent knees that is comfortable. Place your hands down on the floor, framing the bolster. Take an inhale to lift up from your chest and lengthen from your hips. As you exhale, slowly lie your belly on the bolster. Take your gaze in the same direction as your knees or, if you prefer, turn your head to face opposite your knees. Breathe as you settle into the shape and release tension. Allow your entire being to be supported and settle into that. Close your eyes and allow yourself at least 4 minutes here before you slowly unwind and repeat on the second side.

Woman lying on a yoga mat doing Yin Yoga in Supported Savasana
(Photo: Sierra Vandervort)

Supported Savasana

Keeping your bolster where it is, bring yourself to lie back on it. You can keep your feet hip-distance apart and your knees bent and resting against one another or you can extend your legs straight and bring your ankles toward the corners of the mat with your arms by your sides. Let all your limbs be heavy and release any hold you had on your breath. Stay still and rest for 4-10 minutes. Breathe into your heart and throat, reminding yourself that these moments of self-care are vital to our ability to show up for others.

Then, when you’re ready, slowly find some movement. Eventually, make your way to sitting and ease back into your day. Try to move just a bit slower than you usually would.

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About our contributor
Sierra Vandervort is a writer, modern mystic, and community builder. She’s been practicing yoga for nearly a decade and was certified to teach in 2018.  Sierra’s The Mystic Members Club helps women deepen their spiritual studies, feel powerful, and build a community of like-minded souls. She loves to guide them to their witchy side by helping them embrace the confidence and abundance they deserve. She’s also an avid traveller, dancer, writer, and music lover. You’ll find her at, on Instagram @thelocalmystic, and on YouTube.