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What 2023 Holds for You (Yes, Your Horoscope!)

How to navigate the year with grace and (relative) ease.

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In the astrology of 2023, we will have a great deal of change taking place in the heavenly realm. Let’s just say that this year, we can expect an astrological traffic jam.

As above, so below. A lot of changes above mean a great deal of transitions and shifts here on Earth. Hence 2023 will be a bridge over troubled water, and I can see people, borders, values, and ideas moving—an exodus of sorts—that will last until Saturn exits Pisces in 2026.

These are fated junctions. But it is your decisions that determine how these crossroads will play out for you. Astrology is the marriage of fate and free will. Just as your genes were predetermined, so are the placements and aspects formed by the planet at the moment you drew your first breath. I believe in the dynamic interplay of the natal chart (the planets you were born with) and free will (the decisions you make).

Imagine an actress rehearsing a dialogue of a play. She must stick to the script, yet her performance can enhance the story depending on her own choice of gestures, facial expressions, pitch of voice, and intonations.

Remember, free will is always there for you to decide how to act within the script.

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What the astrology of 2023 means for you

The year will be loaded with fated events and will feel like a relay race in which the heavenly bodies keep giving each other the baton.

Retrogrades, retrogrades, retrogrades

My usual advice is to avoid starting important projects during retrograde periods, although 2023 commences with both Mercury and Mars in retrograde and, seditiously, ends with another Mercury retrograde. Venus, not wanting to be left out, also retrogrades in roaring Leo in the middle of the year.

A sensitive period will be between August 23 and September 5, when we experience a retrograde bonanza of Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus. Having both Venus (relating to art, finance, relationships) and Mercury (ruling communication and business) retrograde at the same time is rather challenging.

This does not mean that 2023 is going to be a “lost year” shrouded by a cloud of retrogrades. In fact, these retrogrades might be a blessing in disguise. Perhaps our celestial guides are helping us learn to mitigate the monumental planetary transitions of the year ahead.

Pluto, the Lord of Transformation, will transit into Aquarius after being in Capricorn since 2008, when it instigated the Great Recession. Saturn, the Grand Teacher, will let go of Aquarius and take a once-in-30-years plunge into the oceans of Pisces. Jupiter, the Great Benefactor, will change its garment from the ruby red Aries military uniform into the haute couture of Taurus. And the North Node, or Head of the Dragon, continues to point at what we must collective master as it retrogrades from Taurus to Aries in the opposite direction of Jupiter’s transit.

Saturn in Pisces

There are a few energetically challenging periods in 2023 that have the potential of being life changing.

The first will happen on March 7, when Saturn transits into Pisces, the sign ruling the immune system. Saturn’s traditional name is the “Grand Malefactor,” which does sound like a title of a horror movie, but to be spiritually correct, let’s call him “Lord Karma” or, according to the teaching of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the “Lady of Understanding,” Kabbalah asserts that Saturn is the archetype in charge of fixing the broken aspects of our lives, soul, and thus creation. Saturn’s job is to teach us lessons we’d rather not learn or are too lazy to master. Saturn, boasting three binding rings, represents discipline, strategy, planning, responsibility, respect to the past, endurance, hardships, frustration, resistance, friction, trial and errors—in other words, the celestial party pooper.

But to be fair, without Saturn, there would be no success, accomplishment, or structure, and we would not be able to survive as a species or learn from past mistakes. Saturn makes things happen.

In addition, on the ides of March, we have the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune creating a tight conjunction in Pisces. Like the three witches in Macbeth, this conjunction can manifest as deceptions, illusions, and confusion. A mere two weeks later, Pluto will transit into Aquarius. The last time this happened, we experienced the French Revolution and the writing of the American Constitution.


Another soft spot of 2023 are the eclipse seasons (April 20 to May 5 and October 14 to 28). These lunations are especially intense since they involve both Aries and Scorpio (both governed by warlike Mars) versus, respectively, Libra and Taurus (both ruled by peace-loving Venus). We can expect those periods to quicken and/or magnify conflict between the forces who want to wage war and those who want to ensure the kind of prosperity that only peace can bring.

The numerology of 2023

In numerology, the year 2023 is reduced to seven. In countless traditions around the globe, seven is upheld as a sacred number. Think of the seven chakras,  seven sacraments, seven days of the week, seven seas, and seven continents, seven circumambulations around the Kaaba in Mecca, not to mention the expression “lucky seven.” In the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the sphere associated with seven is appropriately called “Eternity.”

The list of the auspiciousness of the digit goes on. What does it mean? In spite of the tests and trials that will be posed by 2023, there is a digital lighthouse helping us see the way.

2023 horoscopes for your sign

To help you further navigate the year ahead and make the most of this transformative and meaningful time in history, following are essential awarenesses for each sign. You will find terms like “your house of career” or “your house of communication.” Houses are areas of life where the planets interact with you.

I recommend reading the horoscope dedicated to your Sun sign and also your rising sign.

Astrology sign of the zodiac for Aries or the ram
(Photo: Getty Images)

Aries: I Am

My change in direction

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Saturn has been teaching you valuable lessons about your standing in your community, the true nature of friendships, and what kind of people you would like to surround yourself with. Actually, it’s been hammering these lessons pretty strongly. In addition, Saturn wants to change the way you relate to your community, governments, and altruism.

These lessons will continue, to some degree, throughout the first two months of 2023. When Saturn moves into your 12th house on March 7, where it will be stationed for the next three years, you will be asked to enter the sacred grove of mysticism, collective unconscious, and surrender. The 12th house is what the great psychologist Carl G. Jung called “the shadow.” It is the liminal zone where the laws of astrology and physics do not apply and magic takes place.

To carry out Saturn’s assignments, you need to surrender to its will, something that can be very hard for a sign ruled by Mars, the god of war. These are not easy lessons for the warrior in you, but once in 30 years you are asked to insulate yourself, look deep inside, detach from any attachments that bog you down, and deal with the consequences of your past actions, thoughts, and feelings. You are entering the realm of action and reaction—whatever you have sown in the last three decades, you shall also reap.

A good way to deal with Saturn’s demands in the next three years is to embark on occasional self-induced retreats. Book a cabin or pitch a tent somewhere remote for a weekend. Go on a pilgrimage of self-discovery—without a book or your computer or any other form of escape. Let go from other people, substances, behaviors, or attitudes that have helped you escape your true self.

Use this time to your advantage to completely reinvent yourself and strip whatever you’ve built around your authentic self and that spark of the divine within you. This is not philosophical work, but rather very practical. Remember, Saturn grounds concepts and gives them shape. Think back to 1993 to 1996 to unearth what Saturn wants to teach you as it was in the same position during those years.

Saturn is taking you on an inner adventure to your own wonderland, a place of magic and imagination, where you can reboot and assume a new identity when Saturn—and you—move forward once again in February 2026. Let go and join the collective unconscious and the sandman’s dream world. Consider it as if you were undergoing Jedi training with Yoda on the isolated planet of Dagobah.

Listen to Saturn as it whispers to you through omens and synchronicities, signs and insights. In Brazilian Jiu jitsu, from the moment you step on the mat—as a white belt or the highest-ranking practitioner—you must tap out whenever you are in a position where you have no escape. You are taught early on that surrendering is not shameful. It is your only way to advance. Fighters that refuse to do so more often than not end up injuring themselves or others. Don’t let your ego stand in the way of you attaining your superpowers.

In addition, renewing or deepening your meditation practice can teach you to journey inward and connect to your spiritual guides. In Kabbalah, meditations are called Hitbodedut, Hebrew for isolation. There are many ways to meditate, and it doesn’t always involve closing your eyes and sitting crossed-leg. Find your way of connecting to oneness. Some of you can do it while practicing yoga, running, cycling, or walking.

Not all is bleak. From January until mid-May 2023, Jupiter travels in Aries. That is great news to all you rams, as you will feel like you can conquer the world and achieve a great deal in your life. Beginning in the middle of May, Jupiter will provide you with a great deal of fortune as it transits into your house of money, talents, self-worth, values, and awards. It remains here for an entire year. Perhaps letting go could help you tap into new talents.

Astrology zodiac sign for Taurus, the bull, for the horoscope
(Photo: Getty Images)

Taurus: I Have

My tribe

The first two months of the year might feel like you are going through your final exams with regard to work. It has not been easy the last three years with the heavy weight of Saturn in your house of career. Things will begin to get easier when it moves out of this house on March 7.

Saturn’s next fixation will be your house of friends, social networks, electronics, communities, altruism, technology, and government. Generally speaking, Saturn wants to examine and fix your social environment as well as your digital surroundings. Yes, that sounds weird, but the house of friends is also the house of future and artificial intelligence. Maybe this is astrology’s way of predicting that one day our digital gadgets will become our friends.

Since Saturn is very practical, it tends to create situations—some might be uncomfortable—to help you identify your true friends, what groups you want to associate with, and your standing at your workplace and in your community. You might experience challenges that force you to look for a better work environment, or a friend might betray your trust and show their true colors. You are in search of your tribe of like-minded people.

As for some good news, there is plenty for you. The North Node, or the Head of the Dragon, continues its transit in your sign. This transit, which began at the end of 2021 and will continue until July 2023, happens once every 19 years and is considered very auspicious.

In the first part of 2023, the North Node can help you connect to people who share your values, interests, and talents and support Saturn’s work in connecting you to your tribe. The Dragon could help you reinvent and redefine yourself as well as facilitate your connection to your body.

Jupiter, the giver of gifts, will move into Taurus in mid May for the first time in 12 years and will remain there for a year. Jupiter tends to inflate things, so be careful to not overdo things or be overly optimistic. Opportunities will come your way, but choose wisely. There is no need to say “yes!” to every option.

Since Jupiter will be traveling in the house of your body, consider offering yourself a new physical challenge or learning a new skill through yoga or dancing. Let it inflate your strength. This will be extremely helpful in helping you to reinvent and rebrand yourself.

In the months prior to that grand expansion with Jupiter, you will be asked to focus on letting go of things you do not need in order to prepare you. Jupiter will be in your house of mysticism during the early months of the year. This transit can help you tap into your intuition as well as your gifts and abilities from past lifetimes.

Uranus has been in your sign from 2018 and will remain there until 2026. This placement of the ruler of Aquarius in your first house has brought about some major changes in your life and your identity. This happens every 84 years. The last time it took place was during the Great Depression.

The awakener, Uranus is known for its chaotic tendencies. While it can make you feel wild, crazy, funny, and revolutionary, it can also bring about an element of unpredictability and disruption, especially with your connection to your body and your path in life. In 2023, Uranus will be especially influencing Taurus folks born between May 4 and 15. This may enable you to break away from old constrictions and reinvent yourself, although it can also bring a little chaos into your life.

Zodiac sign in astrology for Gemini, the twins
(Photo: Getty Images)

Gemini: I Think

My place in the world

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Saturn, the Grand Teacher, has been in your house of teaching, learning, adventure, travel, truth, and morality. It has been doing its best to create situations that test your truth, that see if you walk your talk, that discern whether you are being true to your philosophy.

These themes will continue for the first two months of 2023. But on March 7, Saturn moves into Pisces and your house of career, where it will remain for three years. During this time, the Grand Teacher will ask you to take a deep look at your professional life. Saturn wants to see you take all that you have learned since March 2020 and apply it to your career. If you are happy where you are, Saturn can galvanize projects that may demand a great deal of discipline, strategy, and planning. If you’ve been wanting to make a drastic change and apply your gifts differently, the next three years are an opportune time to do so.

The last time this transit happened was 1993 to 1996. It would be helpful if you could identify what happened to you back then, especially in relation to your career or what set you on your professional path. This also applies to your relationship with your father, bosses, or authority figures.

When Saturn leaves your house of education, travel, and truth at the end of March, Pluto will step in to fill the void. Pluto is the slowest moving heavenly body, therefore its effects are long term. This will allow you to transform as well as deepen your connection to your education. This mind-bending transit may ask you to completely change your philosophy, how you see the world, maybe even the country where you live. You might learn a new language or get a new degree. There could also be some power struggles.

The North Node was in Taurus from the summer of 2020 until late 2021. For the first half of 2023, it will continue its transit in your sign and your house of letting go, mysticism, and past lives. This transit can feel like a continuous past lifetime regression where you could meet people, access talents, and visit places you were connected to in previous lives.

From January to July of this year, you will be asked to spend more time alone, contemplate, meditate, take long hikes, and communicate with yourself. Your imagination will peak and allow you to access parts of your personality that were previously hidden.

Beginning in mid July, the North Node moves into Aries and your house of friends. You will find yourself reconnecting to communities, making new friends, and improving your standing in your workplace until this transit ends in late 2024.

Until mid May, Jupiter will bless your house of friends and communities. Then the planet that generously bestows gifts will exchange houses with the North Node and move into your house of letting go for an entire year. This will connect you to empathy, afford you protection from hidden enemies, allow you to benefit from spending time alone, and connect you to past lives.

Uranus, the Awakener, continues to create some unexpected pain and suffering, which it initiated in 2018 and 2019 when it entered your house of, well, pain and suffering. It will remain there until 2026, when it will move into your sign. For the next few years, Uranus will be awakening your intuition and imagination, especially in 2022 when you will have the North Node and Jupiter, both auspicious transits, in the same house. But unlike what you had to deal with from 2018 to 2022, in 2023 the calvary will come to your rescue.

Zodiac sign Cancer, the crab, for the horoscope
(Photo: Getty Images)

Cancer: I Feel

My truth

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Saturn has plowed through your house of death and transformation. Indeed, your archetype is the healers and healthcare providers who were crowned the superheroes and heroines of the age. During this time, you have learned how to let go, find your passion, and cut away from whatever obstacles have stunted your growth.

In the first two months of 2023, you will seal the lessons of Saturn in your house of sexuality, other people’s money and talents, and death. Therefore, anything you still need to say goodbye to, you must release before March 7, when Saturn will move into your house of travel, foreign cultures, education, mass media, and truth. For the next three years, you will be asked to become a student and educator, an explorer, a traveler, and an adventurer. I know, it is not easy for you, as most of these things would require you to come out of your comfort zone and boldly go where no Cancer had gone before. But it is for a good cause as you will need to decide what you must learn in order to enhance your career and professional life.

If there are messages you wish to share with the world, Saturn traveling through your house of mass media, teaching, and truth can help you spread the word. It will also ask you to pursue the truth, walk the talk, and live by your own philosophy. This would be a good time to relocate to another country, take on a new degree, or learn another language.

As Saturn leaves the house of death, Pluto, the Lord of Death, enters it. During this time, Pluto will be moving back and forth between your house of relationships and your house of death and transformation. This is intense. It can create some challenges with partners in work and in life although your transformation will be taken to the next level. It is time to honor your need for intimacy and privacy so that you can access your true potential. Pluto will remain in the house of death until January 2044

You are a Moon child. As such, eclipses are always super important times for you. The eclipses beginning in July will be shifting signs and quickening processes that relate to your career, home, and family. Here lies the rub: As a Cancer, you value your home and family. But for the next 18 months, the South Node enters your house of home and family, which means it is time to let go of what your family or even your ancestors expect from you. Focus more on your career and your professional life and find ways to share your gifts with humanity. This will be supported by Jupiter, who will travel in your house of career in the first five months of the year, preparing your road for success in your chosen path.

Uranus will continue the awakening he started with your friends, communities, and colleagues back in 2018 until 2026. However, beginning in May, Jupiter will enter your house of friends, hopes, and wishes granted, where it will remain for a year. You’ll increase your circle of friends, add fans and clients, and improve your standing in your community as you expand your tribe and clan. This is an exciting time of finding fortunes and success from altruism, volunteering, and connecting to your fellow human beings, including your online community.

Zodiac sign of Leo for astrology horoscopes
(Photo: Getty Images)

Leo: I Will

My passion and transformation

Leo, you may have had a hard time with your partnerships, relationships, and significant others since the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Saturn has been transiting in your house of relationships, also known as the house of legal affairs and enemies. This has not been easy on you, as you are the sign of love and happiness. As long as Saturn is transiting in your opposite sign, Aquarius, you can feel the Grand Teacher staring you in the face, creating obstacles and hardships.

This may continue through the first two months of the year. It is allowing you ample time to resolve any issues you might be experiencing with partners in work and life. Beginning March 7, you will have to follow Saturn into the Underworld, the house of death and transformation, where it will help you burn karma through letting go and transforming yourself and examine how you deal with letting go, saying goodbye, and separation.

It sounds worse than it is. But any visit to the house of magic, sexuality, passion, and investigation will demand that you let go of your sunny disposition and get deep—real deep—into liminal realms of the occult.

You will have to confront Lord Shiva, the remover of obstacles, and cut away from whatever has prevented you from reaching your goals in the last 30 years. The Last time Saturn was in this house was 1993 – 1996, so please harken back to those years and see what you were asked to “kill” in order to resurrect, like Aslan, the lion in The Chronicles of Narnia.

Saturn in Pisces is already mystical, and he will transit in the dark forest, where everything is possible. You will learn how to connect to your passion, intimacy, and discover what you are attracting as well as what you are attracted to. The more you connect to your true passions, the easier it will be to learn from Saturn. Saturn will also ask you to focus on other people’s talents and money and perhaps connect you to productions and joint artistic and financial affairs.

Beginning on March 24, Pluto, the Lord of death and sexuality, leaves your house of work and health where he was helping you go through a deep transformation since 2008 and move into your house of relationships. Yes, the same house Saturn just left. Hopefully since you had Saturn there for so long, he cleaned the slate and Pluto won’t have that much to transform, but if you need a resurrection and alteration in your partners in life or work, Pluto will be happy to provide it until January 2044.

As for Jupiter, the giver of gifts, he has been blessing your house of travel, mass media, education, and truth since the end of 2022. He can also help your relationships with in-laws and foreigners. Until mid May, Jupiter will bless you with connections to wisdom and knowledge. Afterward, Jupiter will enter your house of career for a year and things can start moving in your professional life. Your status in your community can grow and you can improve relationships with people of power or figures of authority.

Since Uranus and the North Node are also in your career this year, you have a great deal of awakening in your chosen vocation. Around May, things may become intense in your professional life.

The eclipses in the first part of the year continue to pit home versus career, as they did throughout 2022. You felt crucified at times. But beginning in July, the eclipses are shifting into Aries and Libra, far friendlier signs for you. You will be asked to focus on teaching, travel, and finding your truth and philosophy.

As for Venus, the goddess of love which you so much adore, she will be in your sign starting in July until the beginning of October. So yes, love can be in air. But the reason she stays so long in your domain is because Venus is retrograding, so take extra heed from being hedonistic and overly generous between July 22 and September 5.

Zodiac sign Virgo for the horoscope
(Photo: Getty Images)

Virgo: I Serve

My significant others

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Saturn, the Lord Karma, has been asking you to fix the way you take care of yourself, the way you serve, and how to manage your work. The world needed you Virgos, rulers of health and healing, during the pandemic. In the first two months of the year, you will be graduating from the school of service and will be ready to have Saturn transit into your opposite sign, Pisces, your house of relationship and marriage.

In January and February of 2023, you will still be asked to make the final push to improve your health and routine. Beginning in March and until 2026, Saturn will help you break away from unbalanced partnerships, wrong relationships, and patterns that prevent you from finding your true match.

The last time Saturn was fixing your relationship and marriage was between 1993 and 1996. It is recommended to harken back to those years and see what Saturn tried to teach you at that time. Saturn will place mirrors in front of you—reflectors in the shape of partners in work or in life, as well as an occasional enemy or competitor—in order to better understand yourself and improve your life.

If you have a partner, you will be reassessing how you manage the relationship. Some of you Virgos will end partnerships, others will find opportunities in these challenges to strengthen the bond and take the relationship to a whole new level. If you don’t have a partner in work or life, there is a high chance you will find someone significant, but the relationship could demand a great deal of work in order to succeed.

Since Jupiter, the giver of gifts, will be in your house of intimacy, sexuality, and death until mid May, he can help you transform your primary relationships and infuse them with intimacy. In fact, you will find your sexual drive and passion heightened. You will also be in a position to tap into magic, your healing abilities, the occult, and access to the world beyond. Jupiter in this house will help you let go of things that obstruct your growth and keep you from reaching your true potential. In the first months of the year, you could benefit from investments, inheritance, and working with other people’s money and talents.

In mid May, Jupiter will move into Taurus, a fellow earth sign, and into your house of travel and education. It stay there for 12 months. That is great news. You will feel like you can spread your wings and fly intellectually as well as physically to different cultures and traditions. If you ever wanted to learn a new language, get a degree, or undertake any other form of education, go for it. In addition, your teaching abilities could expand and you will find opportunities to be a consultant or mentor. Just make sure you are being authentic and holding onto your truth.

The North Node will be blessing the same houses as Jupiter, but in reverse. In the first half of the year, the Dragon will continues to help you focus on education and travel, blessing any interaction with foreigners and educators. Beginning in July, the North Node will move into your house of sexuality, passion, and transformation, and enable you to go into the Underworld, your shadow, to retrieve hidden gifts. The Last time the Dragon was in that house was between 2005 and 2006. Indeed, this year is all about shedding and removing obstacles. The North Node or Dragon can increase your passion and help you attract people, money, and skills.

Pluto will be shifting into Aquarius from March 24 until June 11 and will settle in your house of work. Your services, dedication, and organizing skills are still needed from your tribe. This means that the way you do your work, and how you deal with your routine and self-care, will go through a long-term and deep transformation that happens once in 250 years! In 2023 you will just get a sample of it and this transition will continue all the way to 2044. Some of you will change your job sectors, some will become vegetarians or vegans, and some will assume your role as a healing shaman, no matter your profession.

Horoscope zodiac sign in astrology for Libra
(Photo: Getty Images)

Libra: I Balance

My service and duty

Since the beginning of the pandemic, March 2020, Saturn, who is exalted in your sign, traveled in your house of children, love, and happiness. That is to say, those aspects of your life were going through some upheaval. Some of you had to deal with challenges with your kids, others suffered in or were focused on love or their happiness or lack of it.

In the first two months of 2023, this trend continues, but since it is the last leg of Saturn in Aquarius, you might find yourself having an easier time. That is, if you have done a good job adhering to Saturn’s teachings.

On March 7, Saturn will move into Pisces and your house of work, health, routine, and service. It will be there for three years, trying to adjust, fix, rectify, and restructure your workplace as well as how you manage your time, schedule, and routine. Saturn is training you to be a magical Mary Poppins, someone who is a master of service, an organizer, a perfect worker, a fixer, and a doer.

The last time Saturn was in Pisces teaching you these lessons was between 1993 and 1996, so it would be good to harken back to those times and see how you dealt with these aspects of life, and in what way these lessons are returning. It is similar to rereading a great novel after many years and finding new truths and insights you failed to notice the first time you read it.

Since Saturn moves from rational Aquarius to emotional and sensitive Pisces, it will ask you to tap into your intuition, imagination, and inner poet. The next three years will teach you to add a layer of empathy to your work and to your life in general. It is as if Alice invites you to join her in Wonderland and encouraging you to connect to your mystical side. Meditation, yoga, stretching, dance, martial arts, Pilates, gymnastics, swimming, poetry, and daydreaming are recommended. Don’t worry, you won’t go crazy.

In March this year, another monumental transit will take place. Pluto, the Lord of transformation, is moving into your house which Saturn just left, that is, the house of love, happiness, children, creativity and sports. Think of it as in 2020 to 2023, you studied for your undergraduate degree in this realm. Now Pluto is asking you to do your PhD.

This transit happens once in 250 years, which means the lessons will be profound and will continue to be that way for twenty years. The next two years, Pluto will move back and forth between the house of children and love and the house of home and family. Pluto is putting together the old and the new, tradition and innovation, structure and revolution. There could be changes in how you deal with family members. You might need to add more creativity into your work or tap into your inner child in order to better serve yourself and humanity.

Now for some good news. In the first five months of the year, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, will transit in your house of relationships and partnerships, as he did in the second part of 2022. It can bless you with a new partner, or heal and grow your current primary relationships.

Beginning in the middle of May, Jupiter will transit into Taurus and your house of sexuality, transformation, and financial and creative affairs. You are asked to connect to your passion, find what drives and motivates you, and yes, have some intimacy and transformative sexuality.

The North Node will do the opposite transits of Jupiter. In the first part of the year, he will bless your intimacy and help you heal as well as become a healer. Beginning in July, the North Node will move into Aries, your opposite sign, and bless your relationships. If you have a partner, you might find your relationship growing and deepening. If you don’t, well, you have the next 18 months to find one. Last time this happened was 2005 to 2006.

The South Node will be in your sign from July 2023 until the end of 2024. It will ask you to focus a little less on yourself and more on your significant others. You will find more happiness in connections and collaborations than by being alone or doing it all yourself. The eclipses of the second part of 2023 and all of 2024 will take place in your sign as well as your opposite, Aries. This is a powerful time for you and will quicken many processes in your life. What you thought will happen in a few years might take place sooner.

Astrology zodiac sign for Scorpio
(Photo: Getty Images)

Scorpio: I Transform

My home

Since March of 2020, right when the lockdowns started and forced humanity to stay at home, Saturn moved into your house of home and family. This is super interesting, symbolically speaking, since the tarot card for your sign is death, and as death struck the planet, everyone locked themselves in their home. Last time Saturn was in your house of home and family was 1991 to 1993.

In the first two months of 2023, this trend continues, you are asked to take care of the last issues that need to be fixed or changed in relation to your home and family. Beginning on March 7, Saturn changes signs and elements and moves from Aquarius to Pisces, from air to water, until 2026. Since Saturn swims in a fellow water sign, his transit will be far easier for you. This transit of Saturn will be focused on your house of love, happiness, creativity, and children. You will be encouraged to work on your relationship to your “babies,” whether children or projects.

Saturn in your house of love is asking you some fundamental questions and you are given three years to answer. Are you happy? What do you need to find happiness? Are you connected to your inner child or to children in general? Are you in love with life? I suggest looking into the new paradigm of positive psychology and finding some answers in that field since, as a Scorpio, you appreciate research and investigation. The next three years will be a great time to have a child, connect to kids in general, and focus your time, faith and energy in your hobbies and recreational activities. It is your right to pursue happiness!

Uranus is still traveling in your opposite sign, where it has been since 2018. You had an awakening in all of your primary relationships and contractual partnerships during the last four years, and this will continue into 2026. Be selective with the people you bring into your life.

Pluto is going back and forth between your house of communication, relatives, and writing (January to March and from June to February 2024), and your house of home and family (March to June). Pluto, your co-ruler, is transforming your house of home and family, continuing whatever Saturn started in 2020 and making the change deeper and more powerful. This is a good time to create a family, move in with someone, relocate, or experience a transition in career. This Pluto transit takes place once in 250 years and will take time to unfold.

Now for some good news. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, will transit in your house of work from the beginning of the year until mid May. Jupiter can bless your professional life, relationships with coworkers, how you self-care, and ways that you serve people. Fortune comes through holding steady to a healthy routine that includes some allocated time for fun and love. Beginning in mid May, Jupiter will move into your house of relationships and legal affairs. Justice and good karma are coming your way. In addition, Jupiter can help you find a reciprocal relationship, especially since Saturn is trying to do his best to help you find what it is you need in love.

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Sagittarius: I See

My love

Since March of 2020, the onset of the pandemic, Saturn has been in your house of communication, business, contacts, contracts, siblings, and relatives. Saturn likes to fix things. In the first two months of 2023, it will finalize the reconstruction of your house of communication, helping you figure out what your message is, who your target audience is, and how to deliver that message. This will continue for the next 30 years.

Come March 7, Saturn will change signs. For the next three years, it will transit in Pisces, which is the sign ruling your house of home and family. As a mutable fire sign, you do not find it easy to handle a Pisces Saturn transit since it will be squaring your Sun, forcing you into actions you’d rather not take.

The last time Saturn was restructuring your place of residence, your family, and your emotions was 1993 to 1996. You can go back to that time and see what lessons Saturn tried to teach you back then so you can be better prepared. Saturn in the house of your abode means you must slow down and feel, emote, and experience your inner world. I know you would rather have an adventure and conquer new intellectual realms, but the next three years will encourage you to settle down and decide where and with whom you would like to live. These are years for investing in real estate, becoming a parent, and focusing on the issues that your family members might be going through.

As Saturn leaves your house of communication, two weeks later, Pluto, the Lord of Transformation, will move into that house for the first time in 250 years. The transformation and focus on your words continues. However, this is a long transition that will take place during the course of two decades. With Saturn in your house of home and Pluto in your house of relatives, you are being asked to focus on your clan. Pluto in your house of communication can tempt you to control or manipulate messages and words. Be careful.

Pluto could also make you obsessive about certain subjects. To overcome that, it will be great to learn a new language as well as submerge yourself in research and deep learning. The good news is that Pluto will leave your house of money and self-worth, where he has been since the Great Recession, so financially things can become more stable.

Since August 2022, Mars might have been causing havoc in your house of relationships. This could have caused a great deal of strife but also passion within your primary relationships. Beginning January 14, when Mars will go direct, things can improve.

Jupiter, your ruler who loves you, will be in Aries, a fellow fire sign, for the first five and a half months of the year. This transit could bless you with love, happiness, creativity, fun, and a potential romance or child. Your inner child, the performer, and creativity will blossom. From mid May, Jupiter will move into your house of work, health, diet, and routine, and bring countless opportunities for healing as well as success at work. You can expect a promotion and improved relationships with coworkers. Make sure you don’t slack on your self-care or succumb to temptations of the hedonistic kind.

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Capricorn: I Use

My word

From the onset of the pandemic, your planet, Saturn, was teaching you powerful lessons about your self-worth and values. You had to learn the hard way how to take your talents and gifts and monetize them while remaining true to your values and creeds. It has not been easy with your insecurities surfacing and you needing to be ultra-practical in finding ways to overcome them.

The same lessons are continuing during the first two months of the year. You will have to submit your “thesis” on the influence of Saturn on your talents, abilities, and income. You will have to answer questions. What do you believe in? What is your worth? What do you want to bequeath humanity?

On March 7, Saturn will move into Pisces. For three years, it will be transiting in your house of writing, relatives, neighbors, and communications. You will be asked to take all that you have learned about yourself since 2020 and share it with the world by marketing your talents, communicating your gifts, and using your skills to connect and be connected in order to manifest your potential.

During this time, you will find yourself becoming a hub and a junction. In order for you to empower yourself, you need to look for these junctions, these connections, and allow yourself to challenge your mind and learn new ways to conduct your business, new ways to speak, and sign new contracts. You are creating an infrastructure of communication—of roads—that can take you to the next level.

One good aspect of Saturn in the house of communication is that it is easier to handle and not as challenging, so the next three years you could glide through life with less resistance and fewer heavy lessons. However, you might experience some challenges with your roommates, relatives, and neighbors, or they themselves might have a hard time and ask you to stop what you are focused on and lend a hand. Learn how to speak your mind, share your gifts, and promote your talents in a way that we all can understand and accept.

While Saturn will leave your house of money and talents in March, Pluto, the Lord of Transformation, will replace him. This means a deep and long-term transformation with your finances can take place, allowing latent talents to be exploited and developed. You are also encouraged to make a change in your value system. If you have issues with materialism and or possessiveness, Pluto will ask you to look into it and make changes. In other words, Pluto wants you to be a better person.

The North Node, or the Dragon, will be transiting in the first part of the year in the house of love and happiness. It started in the end of 2021 and continues until July this year. The Dragon presents abundant opportunities for romance, finding your inner child, being creative, and connecting to sports and hobbies. From July, the Dragon enters your house of home and family which means a great time to relocate, buy a property, or become a parent. The Dragon presents a wonderful time to heal relationships with family members until the end of 2024.

Other good news comes from Jupiter. In the first five and a half months of the year, the king of the gods will be in your house of home, helping you connect to your feelings, compassion, empathy, and general good vibes with your home and family. From mid May, Jupiter enters your house of love and can connect you to romance, happiness, and creativity.

Alas, dear Capricorn, this year you don’t have any new Moon. Aries stole it from you since we will have two new Moons in Aries and none in Capricorn. But no worries, next year you will have a new Moon on January 11.

Once a year, you also have a full Moon in your sign. This period represents a time to reflect, rest on your laurels, and bring something in your life to an end or completion. July 3 will be your full Moon. This is a good time to end something in your relationships, home, or career.

In 2023, you will be asked to first find love for yourself, your talents, and gifts, and then find the way to market, communicate, and share these with the world. This year also presents a possibility to fall in love either with a person, or a hobby, a sport, or a project.

The year kicks off with a cluster of planets in your sign: the Sun (self-expression), Mercury (communication), Venus (love, finances), and Pluto (transformation). All these heavenly bodies are in your house of body, identity, image, and leadership. We are expecting you to be our alarm clock and get us into shape after the holiday season and New Year’s celebrations. January 1 to 3 will offer a wonderful assortment of planets in earth signs and that is great news for you mountain goat people, a wonderful way to start the year.

However, remember, we have Mercury retrograde in your sign until January 20, so best to be super careful and not be tempted to start new projects or sign any documents until the last part of the month. In addition, Venus and Pluto are conjunct and can cause some havoc with your primary relationships, especially with people you have known for a long time or people who are older than you. Since it is happening in your house of self-awareness, the conjunction can help unearth the artist or diplomat in you.

On January 3, Venus will escape Pluto’s grip and move into Aquarius. For the next few weeks, she will be in your house of money, talents, and self-worth. This is wonderful for your finances since she is the ruler of money and can help you tap into new talents and sources of income. Friends, colleagues, and acquaintances can be instrumental in linking you to your talents and provide financial opportunities.

Several days later, on January 9, the black Moon moves into Leo and in the next nine months she will be in your house of sexuality, death, and transformation. Watch your partner’s finances. In addition, there could also be issues with taxes, insurance claims, and moments when you will be asked to deal with jealousy and possessiveness, either yours or others. Be aware that in the next nine, months you might be tempted by the wrong sexual partners and maybe someone could betray your intimacy or divulge a secret.

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Aquarius: I Know

My talents

At the beginning of the lockdowns in 2020, Saturn, your ruling planet, moved into your sign for the first time since 1991 to 1993. It hasn’t been easy. It can feel as if Saturn is micromanaging you, making everything heavier and slower, as if time sped and slowed at the same time. Your ability to stay calm has tested again and again.

Saturn is also known as the rectifier in Kabbalah. Saturn creates pressure and forces changes that usually make us more serious, mature, and responsible. Since Saturn has been transiting in your first house, you have been feeling the strain in all aspects of your life, but mainly around your body, identity, and role in life, as well as how people perceive you and how you see yourself.

In the first two months of 2023, this trend will continue. However, it is the last leg of Saturn’s transit in your sign, so it will be sealing the teaching. After March 7, Saturn will leave you alone. Sort of. Saturn will shift into Pisces, which means that the next area where it wishes to teach you valuable lessons is the house of money, talents, and self-worth.

Last time you were asked to learn these teachings was between the years 1993 and 1996. Go back to that period and consider what talents, gifts, skills, and sources of income you were focused on. This can help you understand what Saturn wishes you to master in the next three years.

Saturn is all about discipline, endurance, persistence, and planning. The next three years, you can change the way you make your income, as well as invest time, money, faith, and energy in your talents so you can use them to improve your finances and self-esteem.

In addition, Saturn encourages you to reevaluate your values. What defines you, your creed, and your mission statement? Why are you here? What are you willing to fight for? Why? Since Pisces is an intuitive and mystical sign, some of these lessons can be learned more easily through listening to your inner voice in meditation and dreams.

In March, Pluto will move from your house of pain and suffering, letting go, hospitals, and isolation, where he has been since 2008, into your sign! Yes, this is a big deal. The last time Pluto was in your sign was 250 years ago. You will be shedding, going through a great deal of transformation, internal and external.

In the next two years, Pluto will be going back and forth between your house of letting go and the house of your personality and body. You are still being asked to let go, deal with some loss, and say goodbye, but this will enable you to complete the changes you need to undertake in order to become the superhero of the zodiac.

The eclipses will shift into easier signs for you to deal with. Since the end of 2021 until July 2023, the eclipses have been pushing and pulling between your house of home and family and your house of career. The first part of 2023, you still feel this pull and push between personal and professional life, but from July until the end of 2024, the eclipses will shift to your house of higher education, truth, philosophy as well as the house of writing and relatives. There could be some work you need to do with your siblings, roommates, neighbors, and business.

In the first part of the year, your North Node or Dragon will continue blessing your house of real estate and home, giving you blessings in your dwelling place. From July the Dragon will be blessing your words, communication, business, relatives, and contracts. This is a strong time to write and connect.

Jupiter, the giver of gifts in the first five and a half months of the year, will bless your house of communication and you will feel like a hub through connecting with and being connected to others. There could be some good news regarding businesses, contracts, siblings, or things you wrote. Beginning in mid May, Jupiter will bring you good luck in the house of real estate, home, family, and you will be asked to expand your home or connect to parenting, relocating, or just feeling good about your family. This will last for 12 months.

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Pisces: I Imagine

My path unveiled

Since March of 2020, right when the pandemic lockdowns started, Saturn, the Lord of Karma, moved into your house of isolations, hospitals, jails, retreats, and past lives. In fact, that is the house your sign rules, with your infinite empathy and sensitivity toward the suffering of others. You were called to use your compassion to help the world deal with the pain and loss.

In the first two months of 2023, this mission is coming to completion. You will be dealing with the last aspects of Saturn’s teaching of letting go, surrendering, and cutting away from whatever prevents you from discovering your full potential. Last time you dealt with these lessons was 1991 to 1993.

Beginning March 7, 2023, a big shift will be happening to your tribe. Saturn will move into your sign for the first time in 30 years and will stay in Pisces until the beginning of 2026. This is monumental since Saturn is about to rectify and reconstruct your archetype. Everything Pisces will be scrutinized, inspected, taken apart, fixed, pressured, and focused so you could come out of this challenging process a better version of yourself.  Saturn will check every aspect of your life and help you find a new direction in life and a new image. It will change the way you view yourself and the world, help you rebrand and reinvent yourself.

This will involve a great deal of scrutiny and your ability to remain calm will be tested. There could be issues with father figures, bosses, superiors, and, at times it might feel as if you are micromanaged by life. But this is all happening to transform you from a fish to a dolphin, from a princess to a queen, from a prince to a king. In addition, Saturn will take you to bootcamp, forcing you to connect with your body, and deal with the reactions of past actions that you have taken for good or bad with your body. Whatever you have sown, so shall you reap.

This process will be supported by Pluto transiting into Aquarius beginning on March 24, 2023. For the next two years, Pluto, the Lord of transformation, will be going back and forth between your house of letting go and your house of community. It appears you will look to your friends, your organizations, and humanity at large to help you discover who you are. As they say, show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.

There will be some letting go among your friends, community, and companies where you work. This process of letting go will take place over the course of two decades. In 2044, Pluto will move into your sign and a new age will come upon humanity. Until then, Saturn and Pluto wish to forge a superhero out of you. In the next few years your intuition, your ability to tap into gifts and skills from past lives, and your compassion and empathy will grow tremendously. It is as if the wizard and witch are training you for a future mystical mission.

At the end of 2021, the North Node and eclipses shifted into your houses of communication, business, relatives and of travel, teaching, and higher education. You are being asked to learn how to communicate your message, how to connect and be connected, as well as how to attract people you could label brothers and sisters in arms.

However, beginning in July 2023, the North Node will settle in your house of money, talents, and self-worth. You will be asked for the first time in 19 years to focus on your own talents and money and let go of relying on other people’s gifts, finance, or skills. The Dragon wishes for you to hold fast to your values and gifts instead of giving too much credence to your partner’s creeds and or income. This will last until the end of 2024.

These aspects of life also are the ones Jupiter wishes to expand in all aspects of your life. For the first five and a half months of the year, Jupiter, the giver of gifts, will enhance your self-esteem, providing victories in your work that could translate to a raise or promotion and introducing new talents that could later help your finances.

Beginning in mid May, Jupiter will enter your house of communication, business, and writing, helping you market your newly discovered talents. The second part of 2023 will be focused on sales, healing relationships with relatives, finding the message you wish to deliver to humanity, and becoming a hub of information and opportunities.

The above was excerpted from The Astrology of 2023: Traversing the Bridge by Gahl Sasson which explains in more detail the astrology and numerology of 2023. 

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