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What Is the Meaning of the Black Moon in Astrology? 

This rare astrological occurrence, which takes place April 29 and 30, amplifies your intentions.

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A “black Moon,” according to its most common definition, is simply the second new Moon in a calendar month. The naming convention can be more easily understood when you recall that a new Moon occurs when the Moon is situated directly between the Sun and Earth. Because the lunar surface is visible only when it reflects light from the Sun, it seems to have disappeared from our vantage. The Moon is still there, she’s just too dark for us to see. By extension, when a black Moon is present, we experience more dark nights in a month than usual.

What is the spiritual meaning of a black Moon?

Although a black Moon could be regarded as nothing more than a “double dose” of new Moon energy, many astrologers place special significance on a repeated lunar event and believe it to have an even more intense effect. Moonless nights are regarded as a time of inward focus, quiet contemplation, and intention setting. A black Moon brings an extra dose of this cosmic mojo. If the new Moon plants seeds of intention and inspiration, the black Moon compounds those intentions. If the new Moon is regarded as a reset button, then the black Moon is the ultimate lunar reboot.

Look at the black Moon as an invitation to create and express your desires. Take a look at the sky and notice how much brighter the stars are without the moon’s reflection and think about amplifying your own intentions in the same way. Let the vast nothingness become limitless possibility.

What you need to know about this black Moon

The upcoming black Moon takes place on April 29 and 30, 2022, in the Earth sign of Taurus, making it a perfect time to plan practical projects. Ponder what you want to have and what you want to consider to be yours. Materially, of course, but also in life. Look back at anything you consider to be a mistake, not with regret but with awareness. Rely on the perseverance and conviction of Taurus’ mascot, the bull, to help you clear the actual or psychological debris so you can continue onward.

The new Moon is where we confront all the things that seem too dark for us to recognize. Don’t immediately assume the worst, though. You might find yourself less inhibited and more focused on less attractive emotions such as envy, anger, or revenge. This is the time to wipe the slate clean and simply sit with those feelings, without denying or resisting them, and to allow them to complete their cycle.

The new Moon in Taurus coincides with a partial solar eclipse, which only underscores the dramatic elements of the moonless sky, not unlike an opera singer in the shower. Eclipses are undeniable and unforgettable turning points. Even though a partial eclipse is muted slightly, you still might find yourself confronted with a new beginning that you hadn’t considered. If you’ve been asking for a clear sign or answer, its arrival will be hastened.

When is the next black Moon?

After the black Moon in April, we won’t experience another one until December 30, 2024.

Other meanings of “black Moon”

Sometimes “black Moon” is also used to describe a month in which there is no new Moon, which can take place during February’s truncated 28-day cycle.  This happens once every 19 years or so. The term is also used to describe a season in which there are four, rather than three, new Moons.