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February 2022 Astrological Forecast: Integrating A New Reality

As the retrograde cycles come to an end, we're taking the lessons learned with us as we move forward.

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Following the astrological events of recent weeks, a considerable amount of awareness awaits our ability to recognize it. As we are released from retrograde cycles, we learn to focus on the intentions we have for our lives—and then be patient as events unfold while not losing sight of the present moment.

Key planetary dates

February 3: Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. This means both the Sun and Saturn find themselves in the sign of Aquarius. Saturn, the planet of containment, can often be expressed as a coldness, a restriction of our vital force. The Sun’s ability to indiscriminately bring warmth and life to all things is being called into a more reserved disposition.

This inspires the question: How are you using your energy and creativity? If you need to contain that energy by sleeping, do so. If you need to create containment of how you are in connection with others in order to allow the creative expression to come through, do that as well. This transit feels like an invitation to practice surya pranayama for the next week.

February 3: Mercury goes direct in Capricorn. After its retrograde period, Mercury regains forward momentum in the sign of Capricorn, which helps to solidify what was started back in December. It’s time, after making the adjustments that the retrograde period offered, to get your mind focused on your plan. Be sure to note your progress and adjust your plans or make entirely new ones based on what the most recent Mercury retrograde has taught you.

February 5: Mars in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Pisces. Mars in Capricorn whispers to Jupiter in Pisces 60 degrees away. Capricorn is a sign that brings its oftentimes careless efforts into a more concentrated and responsible direction, while Jupiter is at home in Pisces, which allows us clearer access to what we dream. This transit does not last long, so be sure to allow this energy to bestow you with its offerings constructively. When we allow it, time will grace us with the strength needed to climb toward the heights we have been seeking.

February 11: Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury meets Pluto again for the third time in the last three months. It is a day to truly consider how your communication dynamics, which are governed by Mercury, have been empowered or disempowered since Mercury met with Pluto on December 29, 2021. Do you feel like you have enhanced your capacity for emotionally mature conversations? Have you been accessing and practicing different thought patterns in order to deepen the way you see reality? You want to both define your life for yourself and connect it to a sense of responsibility and care for others.

February 15: Mercury enters Aquarius. During its recent retrograde, Mercury backtracked out of Aquarius and into Capricorn. It now reenters Aquarius, which marks the time to move forward with plans that have been in process since the planet first traversed the air sign a few weeks ago. It is time to move past old thought patterns that activate the nervous systems in conditioned ways that no longer serve us. You will have time to practically apply this progress later this year during other retrograde periods. At the moment, be mindful to focus your attention on the intentions you hold for your community.

February 16: Mars conjunct Venus in Capricorn. Mars joins Venus after its long stay in Capricorn, from a more mundane perspective this is an important time to observe how you relate to the masculine and feminine in your life. Do you allow present social norms to dictate your relationship to the masculine and feminine principles? Or have you organized these principles in a way that feels true for you while being able to accept and respect others’ definitions? Be mindful how you assert yourself based on what you value. Respect others’ boundaries and, when needed, advocate for your own.

February 16: Full moon in Leo. The full moon in Leo has a special feature to it that is often overlooked in astrology: That is the square to the lunar nodes. The lunar nodes are points in the sky where the Moon crosses the ecliptic, or the sun’s apparent path throughout the year. There is a north node and a south node of the Moon, the south node representing the past emotional identity that we bring into the present moment and the north node representing what we project forward into the perceived future.

Although we are speaking of the past and future, it is important to remember that the lunar nodes are always rooted in the present moment. When planets square the nodes of the moon, or arrive at 90 degrees to them, it represents situations that are at a crossroads. Because this happens during the Leo full moon, there will be a heightened awareness around being seen—both with regard to self and others.

Another highlighted theme can be how others, whether in situations or relationships, attempt to run the show through the incessant need for attention. Before judging this behavior, be mindful of where it is coming from. We all have needs that have not been met in our childhood. Instead of assigning someone blame for their behavior, invite them, with compassion, to be aware of how their behavior affects you.

February 19: Sun ingress, or enters, Pisces. During the Sun’s stay in Pisces, where Jupiter and Neptune already reside. it shows the full spectrum that the water sign has to offer us. Attune yourself to the divine by accessing flow state whenever possible. Meditation as a gateway to transcendent states is more readily available at this time. Although beware, as deception and illusory thought processes are also more prevalent during this time. The line between seeing through the illusory nature of this world and being caught in a delusion is thin. Check in with your dreams and ideals as to be sure not to project them onto life and others without fully owning them for yourself.

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About our contributor

Cameron Allen began his path to understanding mind-body awareness with a degree in health and sports science and psychology. Beyond the colonized education system, he began seeking understanding through direct experience with nature, Astrology, herbalism, rootwork, yoga, and other indigenous technologies. Cameron is a herbalist, astrologer, and writer. Cameron is a student of life and continues to deepen his studies of ancient wisdom and apply it to modern life.

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