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What the Full Moon in Capricorn Can Teach You

You're being reminded that your primary responsibility is to your truest self.

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Full Moons are powerful portals of self-discovery that occur each month. While new Moons begin the lunar cycle, full Moons are the halfway point, when we have had two weeks to build, create, and mold our dreams. It is during this phase that we begin to manifest our visions and embody a new version of ourselves. Full Moons are also a time to fully integrate new vibrations we’ve been creating and allow them to be seen and heard by others.

Full Moons are very much about community. If we follow the path of the Moon, the new Moon is the time to create the next version of ourselves; the full Moon is the time to show that version to the world. It’s a time to stand in our newly formed power to be seen differently and feel accepted for our changes. Setting intentions for ourselves is wonderful, but we need to embody and live those intentions around others.

The full Moon is a powerful time for bringing awareness to what you need to release in order to achieve true balance in your energy. During each full Moon, always ask yourself what energy you are trying to fully understand, balance, and integrate. Then get ready to release what no longer serves you and embrace your highest potential. The new Moon is the time to plant intentions; the full Moon is when you have the opportunity to do the work needed to manifest those intentions. It can be an intense time emotionally, but ultimately it opens the door for a new way of being, feeling, and inspiring others.

What the full Moon in Capricorn means

The full Moon in Capricorn is always a powerful one and has the potential to become our guiding light for the rest of the year. It has now been more than six months since we set our intentions on the new Moon in Capricorn. This full Moon is a time to revisit the road we have traveled since then and decide any changes we want to make in our course during the upcoming six months.

The full Moon in Capricorn provides a container for the vast array of feelings brought up by Cancer season. It lends us just enough emotional discernment to decide what we need to heal, restore, and evolve. Part of the work of Cancer season is to find our home frequency. The full Moon in Capricorn teaches us what we truly value in this world. It brings us to our core essence and values. It also shines a light on how we emit our core, or home, frequency into the world.

Imagine a tree with deep roots. Cancer’s energy represents what is buried beneath the soil, while Capricorn represents the branches on top. As we nourish our roots throughout Cancer season, we also strengthen and grow the reach of our entire energy. The full Moon in Capricorn is a time to become clear on the practices that help you nourish your roots and then give your energy direction on where it wants to travel within the infinite possibilities of its reach. Through the exploration of our roots, we can decide what vibration we want to cultivate and subsequently influence the world with. We can feel our life’s purpose and what we need to do in our inner world to align energetically with that purpose.

Capricorn teaches us that we each have a unique life mission. To feel fulfilled, content, and genuinely joyful, we need to feel aligned with our purpose. This mission may take the form of a career, although it can also manifest as many other endeavors. Your life’s mission does not have to be what you do each day to earn money. It does, however, need to make you value yourself, your time, and your individual gift.

Finding your life’s purpose can take many years and many moons. It begins through the capacity to feel. Ask yourself each hour through this full Moon, what makes me happy? Take the time to explore your inner world and become aware of the emotions that arise during each of your daily activities. Notice what brings you joy, what excites you, and what makes you feel in harmony with your life.

With these emotional observations, you can discern what aligns with your soul. You can start to feel your roots that create the foundation of everything you do, say, think, and attract. As you feel the emotions that guide your life’s purpose, the full Moon in Capricorn can help hold space for these feelings, nourish them, and help you understand them. It can also help you identify what wounds or past traumas need some healing for you to align with your destiny.

What to consider during this full Moon

A full Moon always works with the power of opposition. During this phase, the Moon directly opposes the Sun. This aspect illuminates where our logical minds may not be aligning with our emotions and intuition. We can start to understand the barriers we have against truly listening to ourselves. We can discover where our doubts prevent us from expanding into who we wish to be. The Moon rules intuition, the ability to receive, and emotions. The Sun, on the other hand, represents the practical mind, the core personality, and the ability to react. When they oppose, we can feel where these parts of us create tension in our energy.

The full Moon is a time to recognize which side of you is running the show. Are you balanced? Or do you rely on logic so much that it dampens your ability to dream and receive gifts from the Universe? Or perhaps you could use more structure and logic to manifest your dreams. Each Full Moon provides an opportunity to check in and see if you need to balance the opposing Sun and Moon energies within your own field and help them work together, not against each one another.

The full Moon sits in the opposing zodiac sign to the Sun. These astrological energies flavor our full Moon and give us direction on what to work on within our consciousness. During a full Moon, we are shown all sides of the astrological signs involved, including their low sides and their high sides. It then teaches us how to find balance, or the polarity point, where the low sides are shed and the high sides are integrated. In this integration, the energy has the potential to take on an even higher vibration than either sign could achieve alone.

Low sides represent the shadows of the signs. They are the lower vibrations of the astrological signs and often show up in our field as a result of trauma, lack of awareness, and overall imbalance. High sides are the energies that represent the vibrations that align with the full potential of the zodiac signs. We can align with the high sides by bringing them to the forefront of our awareness, where we can develop them and understand what they feel like.

The full Moon is a powerful time for bringing awareness to what you need to release in order to achieve true balance in your energy. During each Full Moon, always ask yourself what energy you are trying to fully understand, balance, and integrate. Then get ready to release what no longer serves you and embrace your highest potential.

This full Moon is an opportunity to create practices that help you heal, forgive, and move forward. These containers can take many forms. They can look like meditation, daily journaling, and even forms of exercise. They can also look like scheduled times that give you space to connect with your energy. These times may look like acupuncture appointments, therapy sessions, or even weekly spa treatments. They can also look like a commitment to a nightly bath routine that gives you space to process the day before falling asleep to begin a new one.

Throughout this full Moon, ask yourself what emotions need to feel held, supported, and seen. As you nourish your roots, your life’s purpose will reveal itself. Your energy will also change and shift to reflect who you are at your deepest soul level. When you take the time to explore your inner world, you change the vibration you emit. You shape and direct your branches and their reach, along with your capacity to call in any energy into your world. You can manifest any vision by shifting the frequency you send out. By exploring your emotions and revealing your life’s purpose, you change the vibration you emit each day. You fine-tune your home frequency. Subsequently, the energy that comes back to you through the law of attraction changes as well.

Take the opportunity of this full Moon to commit to the containers you need in order to explore your deepest emotional realms and change your core vibration and your life. When you give your emotions space to be seen, they remain in that space and leave other parts of your life relatively unaffected. You can then go through the majority of your day with clarity and direction. You can also live from your intuition with more ease without your emotions disrupting your connection with yourself and the Universe.

Your feelings, though, need space to be felt. You cannot simply ignore them. They need to be held and recognized at some point. Only when you give your feelings attention do they subside and let other parts of your being lead the way. This Capricorn full Moon is a time to let your emotions know they are seen and will have space to be felt. It’s also time to clarify your life’s purpose through your feelings by asking them for information and guidance. As you form a vision of your life’s purpose, ask yourself what you need to fully say yes to for yourself and your destiny.

Full Moon in Capricorn with the Sun in Cancer

While the Moon sits in Capricorn, the Sun sits in Cancer, bringing us an opportunity to balance both of these vibrations in the energetic body. Cancer and Capricorn oppose each other in the sky. They do have some similarities. The extreme, or shadow, sides of Cancer and Capricorn are where they differ. Their higher sides contain commonalities. By releasing the behaviors, emotions, and energies aligned with the lower frequencies of these signs, we can align and integrate their higher ones. This integration gives us a new frequency to embody, which is higher than either sign individually.

Where Cancer wants us to be responsible to ourselves, Capricorn wants us to be responsible to others. However, both signs want us to nurture our core essence and know ourselves and understand who we are at a soul level. Through this understanding, we can show up in the world as ourselves and align with our life’s purpose. We can create space for our emotions to be felt and access our intuition to help lead the way forward with clarity and direction.

Cancer represents the part of our consciousness that only we see. This part includes our imagination, our intuition, and our fantasies. It also includes our deep-seated emotions, such as fear, insecurity, anxiety, and all of our shadows. It represents true darkness and our deepest subconscious thoughts. In this space, we have only ourselves to rely upon, with our intuition as our only guiding light.

Cancer is ruled by water and the Moon. This energy is connected to everything and feels intensely. The higher vibration of Cancer reminds us that we are all one, with no boundaries separating us. When we align with this, we understand that when we give energy, we also receive it, and vice versa. We uphold our responsibility to take care of ourselves because we know when we do so, we take care of those around us. Through self-care, we easily connect with our intuition. From a place of restoration, we effortlessly feel universal wisdom. We feel connected to our core and make decisions from our inner guidance. Life flows, and we flow with it.

The lower vibration of Cancer forgoes the responsibility to oneself and, in turn, forgets the connection to everything in the Universe. When we attach to this vibration, we forget to take care of ourselves and lose our ability to care for others. We feel detached from the world, unsupported, and alone. We may even be numb or emotionally arrested. We can also fall into the trap of emotional neediness and insecurity from the desire to feel connected. As we separate from our emotions, we lose touch with our intuition. We feel overwhelmed by life and its many decisions. Without our inner guidance, we fall into a trap of overthinking and overanalyzing.

The lower vibrations of Cancer can lead to emotional and life burnout. They can make you feel overwhelmed, tired, needy of others, and emotionally out of control. If you feel these vibrations showing up in your life, commit to self-care. Carve out space each day to sit with yourself, explore your emotions, and allow your intuition to be heard. Be honest about your needs and learn to express them both to yourself and others.

Also, notice how you receive. Do you allow yourself to receive energy or do you resist accepting it even when you are asking for it? Give yourself the gift of your attention and love.

On the other hand, Capricorn looks at our responsibilities to the world outside of ourselves. Capricorn shows us the pieces of our energy we project outwardly. Capricorn is ruled by Earth and Saturn, which ground our energy and inspire us to make healthy choices rooted in wisdom. Capricorn is concerned with what we contribute to society and how we show up in the world. Like Cancer, Capricorn also sees the world as a connected whole. This energy understands that everyone benefits when we live our life’s purpose.

If everyone on the planet was aligned with their highest purpose, the world would become a much more peaceful place. We would build systems and make rules for others from a feeling of oneness instead of competition. When we live on purpose, abundance follows and overtakes scarcity, helping connect all beings.

When we align with Capricorn’s higher vibrations, we show up authentically in the world, revealing our true selves. We do not judge others, nor do we fear being judged. We understand the connection with everyone around us. We also make it a priority to do the work needed to stay in our integrity. We know who we are, and we show up as this person in every situation. We commit to staying aligned with our intuition and create habits that eliminate distractions from our life’s mission. We courageously live from our cores and allow others to see us steering our lives with our hearts.

Like Cancer, the lower vibrations of Capricorn also make us feel detached and alone. In this feeling of isolation, we forgo our responsibility to the world around us and become preoccupied with power, success, and reputation. We place too much emphasis on what others think about us and end up in a vibration of judgment because we feel judged. We become driven by the ego and forget that we are one with everyone around us. We lose sight of what is most important and place superficial things above what makes our hearts truly happy. If we happen to be a leader and fall into a lower vibration of Capricorn, we make decisions that serve ourselves and our control of power instead of creating systems that serve the good of all people.

The lower vibrations of Capricorn can also lead to burnout, where we overwork ourselves and forget to take care of our needs. We exhaust ourselves and forget the priority of self-care. We also forget to hold space for our emotions, ignoring them or suppressing them with material distractions.

If you find yourself aligning with the lower side of Capricorn, take some time for yourself. Give yourself a day off and forget about your to-do lists. Also, do something for someone else. Feel the abundance all around you and know that when you give, you receive. Give your time and energy selflessly to being present with another person. Feel the interconnectedness of life and let this restore your spirit and energy.

This full Moon allows us to release the low sides of Capricorn and Cancer and integrate the high sides. When we create harmony between these two energies, we find our foundation rooted in what matters most to us. We also hear our intuition. Our inner compass becomes free of disrupting emotions and shows us how to spend our time. We create balance in our lives, making time for self-care, work, friends, and passion. We tend carefully to our needs and the needs of others. We understand the connection of all beings and make decisions for the unified collective. The integration of these energies allows us to nourish our roots while making sure our branches, which extend to the world, match them.

It can be daunting to show your new self to the world. But know it’s ok to change and evolve. Allow others to see the real you and the energy you now hold. Watch their perceptions shift and their expectations of you to change. As your community begins to see the real you, it will feel like a weight has been lifted. You will be able to express yourself more authentically and embrace the person you are becoming.

Learn more about the full Moon in Capricorn, including additional astrological insights and journaling prompts, in the Capricorn Full Moon Workbook, from which the above is excerpted.

About our contributor

Jill Wintersteen is the founder of Spirit Daughter, a lifestyle brand devoted to helping you live your best life through understanding the energy of the Universe. She also writes workbooks on each full Moon as well as other astrological events. Follow her on Instagram @spiritdaughter.