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The Full Moon in Libra Calls Us to Find Balance in Our Relationships—With Self & Others

We are being drawn to explore what it means to be whole before asking another to do our work for us.

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The Libra full Moon is the first full Moon of the astrological year. It comes to us near the end of Aries season, when we’ve had four weeks to focus on ourselves and our soul’s mission. Libra reminds us that we live in a world of other people and no matter how much we want to stay on our desired path, there will always be outside influences that distract or support us.

This full Moon is a time to feel into which relationships or partnerships enhance your life’s mission and which ones ultimately take you away from it. Full Moons are always a time of release and forgiveness, and this Moon is one of both. It helps us clarify in our minds which relationships need shifting and which may need release.

Before contemplating partnerships, though, Libra teaches us to find equanimity within ourselves. Libra is the sign of the scales of balance. It shows us when our internal world has been tipped one way or another. Libra’s energy governs the tools we use to help right our internal balance and create calmness within. Life is full of many bumpy roads and situations that can throw off our inner equanimity. It’s not always easy living in a world full of differing energies and vibrations. It’s ultimately up to us to maintain our balance as we interact with the world around us. Libra teaches us that it’s OK to not always feel centered. When we feel unbalanced, though, it’s important to recognize these feelings and take the appropriate measures to create calmness within—preferably before interacting with other people.

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What the full Moon in Libra means

As you journey through this full Moon, ask yourself how you’re feeling. The energy of Aries, where the Sun is located, can bring up feelings of frustration, anger, and restlessness. Aries Season is full of fire, which can be harnessed to help us create our dreams. The same fire can also cause us to lash out at others, overreact, or feel enraged at situations. Notice how you are feeling on this full Moon.

Before going any further into the practices or having conversations with others, take a moment to create peace within yourself. Use various tools—like meditation, yoga, and breathwork—to feel your center and bring any roaring fires down to a low simmer. Everything else in your world will go much more smoothly when you approach it from a place of balance versus a place of overwhelming emotions.

Once you feel some semblance of peace with yourself, approach your relationships. Libra teaches us to look at all of our intimate connections—not just romantic partners but also the people we interact with daily. These people can include our work partners, domestic partners, and even some of our closest friends. Spend some time this full Moon thinking first about the reason you’re here in this lifetime and your soul’s purpose. And then ask yourself how the people in your life are supporting you. Reflect on how you are supporting them on their unique mission. Take notes on which relationships need some adjustment and which ones need to be released. It’s important to notice when you reach out to someone for support and do not feel received. It’s also important to notice when reaching out is simply a habit or another comfort zone.

When reviewing your relationships on this Full Moon, or at any time, do it from a place of compassion. Recognize that your partners are doing their best to show up for you just as you are doing your best to show up for them. We all have shadows, though, and blind spots that we are not consciously aware of. We may project these energies onto another without even knowing it. We all have wounds, past trauma, and energies that hinder our ability to be fully present for one another. These things make relationships difficult, and we need to work through some of them with the other person. Some of them need to be worked through alone. It’s important to recognize when to stay and work with someone through both your issues and theirs. It’s also important to notice and be aware of when two people need space and time apart to sort out what’s going on inside of them.

Remember that this is the first Full Moon of the new astrological year. Take the opportunity to set the stage for how you want to be treated both by yourself and others over the next twelve months. Define your relational space and see which partnerships you want in your life to support your growth, nourish your creativity, and help you enjoy life. This world is so much better when experienced with other people, which is why we go through the pains of merging our energy with another. Every relationship will have its ups and downs. The key to a healthy relationship is to feel supported and be able to show up and support the other person. If this core principle can be upheld, it can cut through any drama or codependency that can arise. As you navigate your partnerships this full Moon, keep the focus on your life journey and the people who enhance it.

What the full Moon in Libra with the Sun in Aries means

Every Sun season has its opposing full Moon. For Aries, the sign of the self, that full Moon is in Libra. Aries season inspires us to align with our purpose and make following it our highest priority. Aries asks us to be bold and decisive, and to take action quickly based on instinct alone. Aries reminds us that we have the power to overcome any obstacle or challenge along our way. We are our greatest asset and never need to rely on anyone or anything else because we are all we’ll ever need.

On the other hand, Libra teaches us that while our life’s mission is of great importance, our inner peace is the highest priority. Nothing is as important as maintaining inner harmony. Furthermore, when we are energetically settled, we see clearly. Our path is drawn out in front of us, and we know the next steps to take on it. We also know what to do in the face of adversity. A true warrior is calmest in the midst of battle. Libra helps us cultivate inner peace and use it as our greatest tool during times of challenge.

Libra also teaches us that our path is that much sweeter when shared with another. The challenge, though, is staying true to our own journey while supporting another on their unique path. When in a partnership of any kind, it becomes easy to drift from our path onto theirs, and vice versa. It takes a deep awareness from both people to not only stay true to their individual purposes but to nurture each other’s. It becomes easier if both people involved have processed their life’s mission and can articulate it in a way that the other understands.

To truly master the art of relationships at this time, we need to understand both Aries’s and Libra’s low vibrations. When we become aware of these frequencies within ourselves, we can shift and release them so we can learn to develop healthy relationships in which each person maintains their sense of identity. Furthermore, we can respect each other’s boundaries, admire the person for their gifts, and help raise their vibration each day from a place of completeness within ourselves. To achieve a high-vibrational relationship, we start by searching for and shifting the lower vibrations, which undermine our energetic unions.

Libra has two main shadow sides: indecision and passive aggressiveness. Libra views the world as parts of the same whole, all equal. This view, although beautiful, can lead to indecision because all choices are equal. Indecision can lead to anxiety because we inherently know that time is limited, and when we fail to make choices, we delay our life and its journey. This anxiety eats away at our inner peace, disturbs our well-being, and muddles any relationship until we choose to begin and move forward again. At its lowest point, indecision can cause us to follow someone else’s choice only to find out later we are unhappy and need to realign ourselves with our path. Some relationships can survive this readjustment, while others break under the pressure and the redirection of energy.

Libra’s other low side of passive aggressiveness causes us to become manipulative as we try to control a situation without clearly stating our needs. When we align with this side of Libra, we may become stubborn, procrastinate, or even avoid people. We play games and cause drama where it is unneeded simply because we are afraid to express our true feelings. In some cases, the relationship does not hold space for us to share our emotions. These types of relationships need to be adjusted so that we feel safe expressing ourselves, or they need to be released.

In other cases, we may have never learned how to clearly state our needs and felt that our only option was manipulation to acquire the energy we needed to feel supported in the world. If this is the case, finding awareness and compassion is the first step to understanding how these patterns were formed. We need to honestly look at how we gain support or energy from others through passive tendencies. To shift these behaviors, we need to become comfortable asking for what we need. Communication is key in any relationship. The more we can speak our truth firmly, but without aggression, the better off our partnership will be.

On this Full Moon, we also need to look at Aries’s low sides of selfishness and aggressiveness. Aries’s lower vibrations cause us to act without thinking, relying on pure instinct alone, even if it means not including others in our decisions. The lowest side of Aries is pure selfishness. When we align with this side, we forget we live in a world full of other people. We put our needs first at the expense of others, and we forget the importance of empathy. We see the world only through our eyes and resist understanding it through someone else’s perspective. We bulldoze our partners, not hearing what they have to say, and leave them feeling unheard and not respected. We become like a bull in a china shop, causing emotional havoc everywhere we roam.

Aries’s other low vibration is aggressiveness with controlling behavior. When we align with this side, we become demanding, bossy, and overly assertive. We intimidate others by yelling or asserting our power in a dominating way. This low side of Aries comes from our own internal conflict. When we align with these vibrations, we are at war with ourselves. We project this aggression onto others and start unnecessary battles. We seek to win to make ourselves feel better, but what we really need is to resolve our internal issues, triggers, and pain before engaging with another. We need to ask ourselves what is the anger in reaction to, what is the underlying emotion, and what needs to be healed?

If we look at the spectrum of energy involved in this full Moon, on one end, we have aggression and control. On the other end, we have passivity and indecision. Neither are beneficial in the realm of relationships. Think over your actions in partnerships. Do you recognize any of these patterns in yourself? Know that it’s OK if you do. You always have the opportunity to shift these vibrations. Have compassion for yourself first, and know that this full Moon’s work is to bring these shadows to light. Find the root of these behaviors and shift them into the higher vibrations each sign brings us. The most challenging step of any change is awareness. Align with the Moon to see yourself fully and know that you are capable of shifting any energy within you. As you begin to vibrate higher, you’ll create and attract higher-frequency relationships that elevate your soul’s journey.

Other astrological aspects during the Libra full Moon

There are quite a few aspects that are energetically affecting this Full Moon. Aspects are formed when cosmic bodies in the sky exist within certain degrees of one another. The main aspect of any Full Moon is the 180° opposition between the Sun and the Moon. In opposition, it causes tension within our energetic bodies but also gives us the opportunity to break through long-standing patterns. Along with this opposition, we have a few more energies influencing how we feel today.

Both the Moon and the Sun square Pluto in Capricorn. Squares represent a 90° separation between cosmic bodies. They, like oppositions, can cause tension and bring the opportunity for breakthroughs. Squares, however, can feel a bit more intense, as they illuminate stagnant energies within you. As these energies are revealed, they can bring up restlessness and impatience, as well as an overall feeling of being stuck in a situation with no escape. It’s important to recognize if any of these feelings come up for you on this full Moon. You always have an opportunity to break through old patterns and the ability to shift energies within you, no matter how permanent they feel in the moment. You also have the power to change your circumstances and your perception of the past.

Pluto in Capricorn brings up our wounds on this Full Moon. Pluto illuminates our past. Our energy is on a continual evolution and goes in cycles. Some of the cycles include challenges but are necessary for evolution. As Pluto squares the Full Moon, you may feel some of your past lessons resurface—especially in regards to your relationships. You may even start to see people in your life represent patterns and energies that continually repeat, showing you where you need to heal. Ask yourself if any patterns are presenting themselves and what you can learn from them. Instead of feeling stuck in a cycle with no escape, feel your power to break through and heal the part of yourself that is asking for compassion.

We often call similar people into our lives because we need to heal. These people may represent familiar energies that have caused us pain in the past. We may feel destined to always attract the same type of people. In reality, we are attracting them so we can evolve, face shadows, and grow into new energy. Take a look at the people in your life on this full Moon and find any similar patterns among them. Then ask yourself why you are bringing these types of energies into your life. Is there something that needs healing or attention? Is there a shadow within you that’s asking for help by continually attracting the same kind of person? How can you shift from these patterns and break free by healing yourself?

This full Moon is very centered around relationships, but it is also focused on your relationship with yourself. It’s a time to define how you want to be treated by reinforcing practices of self-care and soul nourishment. It’s also a time to release distractions in your life and energies that cause disruptions in your peace. Harness the energy of this full Moon to make a commitment to yourself to always make your inner peace a priority above anything else. And then before committing or recommitting to others, look at how that relationship impacts your commitment to yourself.

A very bright spot of this full Moon and of this entire week is Jupiter sitting next to Neptune in Pisces. Both of these planets are at home in Pisces, and their joined energies create a highly beneficial vibration for us to harness. Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance, and Neptune is the planet of dreams. They come together every 150 years. With their meeting, they carry a great deal of positive vibrations. Feel this energy uplifting your spirits this full Moon and reminding you that anything is possible. Spend some time dreaming about your future and what you are ready to call into your life.

There is also an opportunity in this full Moon to feel your abundance. Notice all the things you are abundant in, including love, beauty, and good people. Be grateful for your life and everyone you have found on your journey. Let this gratitude cultivate even more abundance in your future. Know that you have the power to define any life you want to live. You also have the power to define your relationships both with yourself and others.

Excerpted from The Libra Full Moon Workbook by Jill Wintersteen.

About our contributor

Jill Wintersteen is the founder of Spirit Daughter, a lifestyle brand devoted to helping you live your best life through understanding the energy of the Universe. She also writes workbooks on each full Moon as well as other astrological events. Follow her on Instagram @spiritdaughter.