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January 2022 Astrological Forecast: Rethink Your Limiting Perceptions

This month, the planets and stars ask you to consider the gift of structure, mastery, and patience in your life.

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January is a month dominated by the influence of Saturn. We enter January in the sign of Capricorn, which is a Saturn-ruled planet. We will also experience the rare occurrence of two new moons in the same month, both of which fall under signs ruled by Saturn—first Capricorn and then, later in the month, Aquarius. Also, at any given time throughout the month, anywhere from four to seven planets will be in signs governed by Saturn.

Saturn is often viewed as a restrictive planet, one that sees limitations. However, when it is engaged with consciously and from a place of awareness, Saturn gives us the gift of structure, mastery, and patience. Allow this month to bring you into a more harmonious connection with your limiting perceptions. If you find yourself interpreting a situation as limiting or restrictive, seek to understand the medicine that can be squeezed out of the experience—not with the intention to bypass the experience or the related emotions, but rather to be a container for whatever must be held and understood before you can transcend it.

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Key planetary dates

January 2: New moon in Capricorn. Every new moon is about emptiness and darkness, although this new moon in Capricorn brings a conditioned emptiness. Allow yourself to set an intention of what experience you desire to condition, or rehearse and make commonplace, in your life. The new moon will be overseen by Saturn, a planet of contraction. Although contraction is typically seen as a negative experience, that is only a perception. Saturn also brings reflection and solitude that enables you to do the work that you are here to author.

January 2: Mercury enters Aquarius. Mercury is the planet that represents mental organization, thoughts, and opinions. When it enters into the observant sign of Aquarius, the invitation is to take a step back, a step away from the way in which you have thought, and consider how you can see beyond your old patterning. The sign Aquarius also corresponds to dissociation and fragmentation, so find space to be in relationship with your breath and allow it to steady you throughout this transit. As an Aquarius, I invite you to try anulom vilom or nadi shodhana, which bring me calm.

January 9: Venus cazimi. When any planet is within 17 minutes of the Sun, it is considered to be cazimi, which translates to “in the heart of the Sun.” When Venus, the planet of love and creativity and beauty, is cazimi, we are asked in what ways have we allowed our relationships to be altered by the pure light of awareness? Venus is currently experiencing her retrograde journey through January 29. At this point of cazimi, the planet is halfway done with its retrograde cycle. The most difficult part is behind us. Renewal and moving forward can now be accessed.

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January 15: Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius. This year, all four Mercury retrograde cycles will begin in air signs and go direct in earth signs. This brings the question, how are you adjusting to recent and current changes and grounding them into reality? Mercury retrograde doesn’t need to be disastrous so long as you look for the lesson. Since Aquarius is the sign that represents personal innovation, this particular retrograde might relate to advancements in science, movement forward in caring for the community, and reviewing and perhaps revising the ways you think.

January 17: Full moon in Cancer opposing Pluto. Cancer, the sign of emotional comforts, is opposed by Pluto, the planet that represents a calling forth of power, powerlessness, and power dynamics overall. The invitation of this full moon is to confront our unconscious processes.

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January 18: Nodes shift to Taurus and Scorpio axis. The shift of the nodes brings a more steady pace for the next 18 months as the nodes are entering into fixed signs that create more solidity. In the last few years, as the nodes of the moon change from the Sagittarius and Gemini axis, we’ve experienced change on a collective level like never before in our lifetime. It has a lot to do with the fact that Sag and Gemini are mutable signs. Mutable planets bring many shifts. Think of the changing from one season to the next when the weather seems confused, maybe even unsteady, when in actuality it is in a mutation phase. Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs, meaning they are more stubbornly calm and confident. Things will continue to change, however, that will simply be the result of previously initiated actions. Let yourself feel the stability.

January 20: Sun ingress Aquarius. The Sun enters into the sign of Aquarius, which is regarded as a cold sign since it is furthest away from the ruler of the Sun, Leo, and also because it is ruled by the coldest planet, Saturn. This movement asks us if we can take time to recognize where our individuation process is leading us. With a lot of shifts happening this month, this movement will ask us to approach things from an unattached manner to gain the clarity that can come when we’re not encumbered by clinging to a particular outcome.

January 23: Mercury retrograde cazimi in Aquarius. As with Venus earlier in the month, Mercury enters the heart of the Sun and experiences its peak purification at the midpoint of its retrograde cycle. During this time, take some time out to allow your individual mind and perceived personal issues to connect to your purpose within the collective consciousness. Breakthroughs in thought processes can be more easily accessed.

January 24: Mars ingress Capricorn. Courageous Mars enters into the do-it-by-design sign of Capricorn. A planet of extreme heat, Mars will be tempered by Capricorn’s dependable approach to enacting potency. This means Mars will be empowered to get a lot done but in a wise, judicious, and responsible manner. This transit gives us a dose of fuel in those situations where we’ve instinctively known we must direct our aim and take action.

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January 29: Venus goes direct in Capricorn. The end of this retrograde cycle asks you to be sure that you are finding the most emotionally mature and aligned ways to be in relationship with self, others, and the collective. Have you been able to identify which relationship dynamics are in need of change? If so, take this as an invitation to begin to make those adjustments.

January 31: New moon in Aquarius. The month comes to an end with a new beginning. The new moon—the second in a single month, which is technically a Black Moon—takes place in Aquarius. This reinforces the theme of Saturn’s prominence. More reflection is beneficial during this new moon, which creates space for insight and also allows you to be guided towards the creation of a promising new plan. Aquarius is about innovation and with Saturn present, innovation can be grounded in the practical.

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About our contributor

Cameron Allen began his path to understanding mind-body awareness with a degree in health and sports science and psychology. Beyond the colonized education system, he began seeking understanding through direct experience with nature, Astrology, herbalism, rootwork, yoga, and other indigenous technologies. Cameron is a herbalist, astrologer, and writer. Cameron is a student of life and continues to deepen his studies of ancient wisdom and apply it to modern life.