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Weekly Astrological Forecast, April 17-23: Make Your Vision a Reality

As the Sun shifts into the pleasure-loving Earth sign of Taurus, it's a time to revel in the things that make you feel comforted and grounded.

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This week the sun enters Taurus. Known as the anchor of the zodiac, this Earth sign thrives with consistency, completion, and comfort. Beginning April 20, Taurus energy will empower us all to make moves that make sense. Under the influence of this sign, we’ll feel an emphasis on igniting more feels, welcoming the pleasure principle, helping us lighten our load, and inviting all the good vibes to flow in. Now is the time to put your vision to reality.

Wake up and live, y’all
Wake up and live
Life is one big road with lots of signs,
So, when you riding through the rut, don’t you complicate your mind
—Bob Marley

What you can expect with the Sun in Taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love. Creating a beautiful and stable life brings bliss to Taureans, and all of us under the influence of this sign until May 20. Taurus loves the experience of pleasure. During this transit, we may crave being pampered in every way. We are being drawn to pay attention to the details, let ourselves be led by our senses, adore fine things, engage in deep, loving, meaningful conversations, and appreciate beauty in all its forms. This is the time to allow ourselves long baths, touch in the form of massage, creature comforts, intimate connections, and all the things that soothe our sensual desires.

Taurus energy is also calm, grounded, easy to be around. It thrives with structure and is practical, well-grounded, deeply connected to the physical world, and financially focused. Wealth of time, spirit, and money are all valued luxuries that bring peace at this time.

Loyalty is an inherent trait with this sign. Anyone with strong Taurus energy will always be there for the people they love and they stay until the job is complete. They make nurturing, generous, and selfless friends and partners who think things through and take a sensible approach to solving life’s challenges.

Taurus is also the ruler of the second house, the house of our finances and personal resource. Bringing us good fortune, focused energy to build up our bank accounts, and the opportunity to manifest lasting success. Steer clear of comparison or compromising who you are for gain of any kind. Give the world the best that you have and that will always be enough.

What you think about you bring about, notice what you are focusing on. Steady the shakes, process the thoughts, and uncover the beliefs that are blinding your vision. An old habit, pattern, or negative thought might come in to distract you. Don’t take the bait. Keep your vision, every step of the way.

Flee from hate, mischief, and jealousy!
Don’t bury your thoughts; put your vision to reality, yeah!

The Earth element of Taurus is reflected in the body through the first chakra, known as our root chakra. It is our connection to our body, our place of survival, security, and self-protection. It is our right to be here. The first chakra is where we make manifest our creations in life. If we are depleted or living in a fearful state, our root can be out of balance. Create good health in your root by nourishing yourself with plenty of nutrients, love, attention, and self-care. Examine your foundation. Nurture a safe place to live, both in your body and on this earth.

Earth day is April 22, 2022, rise you mighty people, stay grounded by feeling the Earth move under your bare feet, lay in the grass, take a long hike, sit in the sun, enjoy the beautiful bounty that is the earth. There are many ways we can celebrate Earth Day—reuse, recycle, refurbish, carpool, send out healing thoughts, prayers, affirmations. Holding space for gratitude can help uplift the energy to honor the waters, mountains, trees, and all the life that is given through the beautiful planet we call home.

There’s work to be done
So let’s do it—a little by little:
Rise from your sleepless slumber! Yes, yeah! Yes, yeah!

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How to navigate your astrology forecast this week

You will know through your felt sense the things that are for you. They will feel good and stir good vibes in all areas of your life. There will be no self-convincing. Stay connected to the Earth and let your way be easy. Don’t push too hard. Take the pressure off and idle in neutral, knowing that all you’ve worked for is on the way. Know that letting go is the action part of faith. Trust life.

There are moments where the air feels so thick we can’t seem to breathe and it can be hard to see what’s ahead. Go past the clouds to the light beyond. Look for a lantern. Lanterns are neighbors, friends, our partners, family, co-workers, and people we meet in passing. They are our fellow Earth angels who light us up when our own light is dim or has gone out. Take it to your spiritual heart and say thank you. For everything. The more grateful you are for your life, the more blessings come.

You have a right to be here. Know and claim that every day. Dance parties will help you free up old energies and tune you back to your free spirit. It’s best to put on a feel-good song and get that body moving. Enjoy life.

Affirmations: The perfect moment is this one. I use my energy to create the life I love.

About our contributor

Tara Martell is a believer, spiritual mentor, energy medicine woman, intuitive, visionary, life coach, writer, master teacher, mom, yoga teacher, and yoga teacher-trainer. She has mentored numerous yoga students and teachers, co-wrote a yoga teacher training manual, and led international yoga retreats. She has spent the last two decades seeking, finding, and healing herself through yoga, spiritual work, and self-study. Follow her on Instagram @tt_1love.