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Weekly Astrology Forecast, June 12-18: Aha Moments

The spiritual sign of Sagittarius brings illuminations of all sorts during the full Moon as the Sun in Gemini brings a playful attention to self.

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This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…

The Gemini Sun in tandem with the Super Moon in Sagittarius this week will take us into timeless energy. Think of it as a “soul time” that reminds us what we seek is also seeking us. The powerful lunation is an invitation to journey a little deeper inward, to recalibrate and reconnect with what is authentic to our hearts. Here we will find assurance that there are brighter days ahead. Let this inspire you to keep an open mind, let go with intention, have the grace to see with eyes of wisdom, and remember who you truly are.

Gemini Sun

The Sun in Gemini is playfully calling on the full Moon in Sagittarius to motivate us to keep our spirits youthful and treat our bodies as temples. These energies are inspiring us to give ourselves whatever is necessary to keep us healthy and grounded in a strong foundation, bringing us the ability to move freely about the cabin.

On June 11th, 2022, the planet of love, values, beauty and virtues, Venus, conjuncts with the planet of higher spiritual values, change, and innovation, Uranus. These two syncing up in the same sign in the skies creates a heart-centered cosmic vibration, pulling out the love card to be the key player. Uranus, known as the “awakener,” helps us ready ourselves to break through any restrictions and shifts us to find our way onto a more liberated path. This time brings aha moments that will inspire spiritual advancement and sustainable peace. Let these be a gift.

Super Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moons allow for us to listen a little closer to what is just beneath the surface, to glimpse beyond the superficial to what is aching for our attention. A super full Moon occurs when the moon is closer to us than usual. Its proximity amplifies not just its appearance but its effects, allowing us to witness more easily what isn’t working in our lives and deconstruct the reasons why.

The Moon brings to our attention what we have been ignoring, what feelings we keep pushing down. Its illumination gives us permission to expose whatever needs to be seen so that it can be healed and cleared. Drawing us to see what we are gripping onto, the familiarity of repetition or the promise of new life.

As the moon lights up the sky in the deeply spiritual fire sign of Sagittarius, we may find ourselves soul searching on a quest for truth. We are able to find wellness in all aspects of our lives and find ourselves ignited to get closer to what’s going on with our physical and mental health, our emotions, and our spirituality. We are encouraged to come back to our body, to connect to our spirit, our inner self, to listen to what we need to invite in to better serve us, and what would be best to let out.

Sagittarius energies empower us to cast our biggest fears into the fire. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, Sagittarius helps us go forward with trust that if we can think it, it can happen. This sign is known to be both the spiritual seeker and the spiritual teacher, represented by the symbol of the archer and centaur, half human and half horse, with its arrow pointed toward the heavens.

Leading us to seek new adventures, trusting in the timing of the universe. Inspiring a beam of focused light to aim for something better leading us to follow the most meaningful path. We may be facing a lot of temptations and pressures. The invitation is for us to check in with what we are devoted to, with who and how we spend our time and energy. Give yourself permission to stop fighting, resisting, let yourself have the break throughs. Use the transformational power of fire to burn through any limitations, embarrassment, shame, thoughts of how others view the way you are or live your life. With the torch of light, we can find truth, liberation, and sustainable inner and outer peace.

This fire is associated with the manipura, or solar plexus chakra, our power of spirit, our gut sensory. What is at the gut level, notice the health, vitality, energy, and thoughts that are being held here. Inquire within to see what options you can give yourself this week to create good fire at the belly.

How to navigate this week

Movement in the body allows us more space. As we move away the physical tension, we calm the nervous system, which allows for the mind to be still, giving us an experience of peace and calm.

Circle your wrists, ankles, and neck a few times. Roll your shoulders up and around to the front and the back. Safely drop your head back, feel your sternum lift, take a big sigh as you breathe out. Let your mind slow. Simply be with that. Check in with yourself. If your gut is clenched, soften the energies and let the release bring you ease.

Don’t worry how it will come, just know that it will come. Let your spirit teach you what you need to know. There is no short cut, so keep going. Kick, push, coast. Like the rhythm of riding a skateboard, let it be steady and easy, feelin’ so breezy.

Remain humble to grace. Bring good news to others as happiness never decreases when it is shared. We are here to make a difference, we can deliver peace through small acts of love, kindness, and compassion. Hold space for yourself and all that are grieving at this time. Send out currents of love. Be the light that others see in the dark.

Affirmations: This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. I invite in peace and welcome release.