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Weekly Astrology Forecast, May 8-14: The Truth of Who You Are

The energies leading up to the full Moon in Scorpio and continue vibe of Mercury retrograde nudge you to see yourself more truthfully and move past who you were to step into who you are.

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Light above, light below. As the full Moon in the water sign of Scorpio approaches, it will illuminate the night sky and also our path with surety and the knowing of “this is who I am” and “this is where I belong.” The frequency of the planetary weather this week has a clearing and cleansing impact.

Mercury retrograde

Mercury, the planet of communication, will turn retrograde on May 10th, giving us an opportunity to take the time to learn how to express our needs, desires, and wants from a place of understanding. What we hold in tends to have a hold on us. Take this time to free up your voice, whether you write, sing, or talk it out. Practice conscious communication by expressing with compassion for yourself and for others. What are you holding in that would remove so much pressure if released? Mercury in this retrograde phase draws us closer to speaking from the heart.

Eclipse season

Eclipses generally come in fours—two solar eclipses with the new Moon and two lunar eclipses with the full Moon. They happen six months apart, lasting almost two years in the same zodiac signs. The eclipse energies of Taurus and Scorpio, which started last November with a partial lunar eclipse in Taurus, initiated the changes we needed in our lives to live with less toxicity and a genuine understanding that we have the power of choice. This lunar expression laid the foundation for the upcoming full Moon, which opens us up to manage, rather than repress, our emotions. This can reveal our blockages and gives us the power to break through them, encouraging us to take personal responsibility to fulfill our basic need for safety and inner and outer stability.

Each eclipse has its own way of stirring our inner awareness and bringing to the surface anything that has been building up that needs to come out in the open. Eclipses bring a time of healing, with fresh opportunities to find resolutions. This eclipse will push you forward, leaving behind the old versions of you, celebrating the lives you lived, and letting you shed for good anything that lowers your vibration.

Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moons serve as an opportunity to quiet our minds and feel into what we need to release. Full Moons shine light on places that are aching for freedom from where we have been easily shaped by habits of past conditioning. This is essential in order to relinquish the notion that we must attain our dreams, visions, and goals only from a place of struggle.

This week will contain the energies leading up to the Scorpio full Moon, which shows us where we can step out of our own way, keeping our ground but embracing the flow of life. Ruled by the water element, Scorpio governs the subtle realms, the hidden, the truth, intuition, investigation, heart-centered passion, death, transformation, and regeneration. During a Scorpio full Moon, our hidden emotional reality and any denied truths are brought to the surface. We can see things for what they truly are without fear. Our shadowy nature can come out with a desire to be honored and accepted. Deep down in the secretive depths of us, there is a negative self-belief that keeps us held back, as if under water. When we expose it and acknowledge it, then we can begin to change it to a positive direction. Little by little, we shift forward to a new way of seeing ourselves.

Scorpio energies stimulate feelings to come up and out, bringing them up from the waters of the deepest self, allowing for recognition so that the murky water can be made clear. Water helps us cleanse, renew, and release, allowing us to feel more alive, connected, and content. Water absolves the dry leftover ash of the fire element. It brings us hydration and it holds the power to give new life.

All our experiences have a connected thread of meaning. Don’t be afraid of your dark side. Free the mind of memories of time that hold you in a pattern of grief, pain, and shame. When we bring the dark and the light together, we begin to become whole again.

Emotions create vibration. Expressing your feelings reclaims your inner power, invokes self-love, transforms your worry into trust, and transmutes your pain into empowered growth. Using the transformative energy of Scorpio, we can observe ourselves with honesty and acceptance, releasing our inner critic and judge. Yes, you did some things. But that’s the old you. Then take this awareness and use it to treat others with the same honesty, integrity, and grace. It creates a ripple effect in our lives. When we leave people feeling good, they share that good energy with someone else and it keeps going, giving many people that good, good feeling.

Relax your body. Calm your mind. Take a moment to sit up tall, roll your shoulders back, and lift your heart. Take a deep breath in and, with an audible sigh, breathe out.

How to navigate this week

Express the full truth of who you are. Create new habits that lead to joy and increase your vibration so that you can magnetically attract good health, vitality, new and better experiences, fulfilling work, the right mate, deeper connections in your current relationships, and new like-minded people into your life. Know with a deep truth that you are valuable.

The “letting go” dance can be hard. The asking of yourself, “I love my new life, but wait, where is my old life?” We have faced many obstacles, detours, fires, winds, and we have faced many rainbows, rivers, oceans, and streams. It’s time to go all in for yourself, into the unknown new territory.

What brings your life peace? Bring more and more of that into your life. Keep being good to yourself, keep being good to others. We have the power to make change, to make one universal love.

Affirmation: As I let go, I embrace a new flow.

About our contributor

Tara Martell is a believer, spiritual mentor, energy medicine woman, intuitive, visionary, life coach, writer, master teacher, mom, yoga teacher, and yoga teacher-trainer. She has mentored numerous yoga students and teachers, co-wrote a yoga teacher training manual, and led international yoga retreats. She has spent the last two decades seeking, finding, and healing herself through yoga, spiritual work, and self-study. Follow her on Instagram @tt_1love.