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Weekly Astrology Forecast: November 13-19, 2022: Allowing Yourself to Dare

Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius remind you that life is on your side. Allow yourself to dare. Big.

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Following last week’s eclipse, less-intense energy finds its way back into our lives, inviting inspiration, adventure, hope, and happiness as both Venus and Mercury find their way into Sagittarius.

The adventurer of the zodiac, Sagittarius invites us to learn, grow, and allow ourselves to be changed by the world around us. It reminds us that wisdom sits within each experience.

With two planets moving into this fiery sign, the days to come afford us a peek into Sagittarius season, which will meet us on November 22, 2022. Sagittarius is wisdom and freedom, exploration and inspiration, passion and optimism. It is a medicine for our hearts as we are invited to look toward our future. The week will feel like a spark reigniting us as we emerge from the depths of eclipse season and step into new beginnings.

Venus in Sagittarius

In astrology, Venus is the planet of love. She represents harmony, beauty, value, pleasure, and prosperity. As her supportive energy falls under the influence of Sagittarius beginning on November 16th, expect a certain magnetism to fill the air. The communion of these two astrological archetypes sparks passion in whichever way it can present itself in your life. A far-away culture might capture your heart, adventures in new places could bring about feelings of romance, and, in the realm of love and relationships, it’s a beautiful and aligned time to set whatever intentions inspire you to say yes. Anticipate feeling freedom, generosity, appreciation, vitality, and hope.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury represents everything pertaining to the mind. In astrology, we look to Mercury to give us greater insights into thought, communication, and learning. As this logical planet comes into partnership with Sagittarius on November 17th, there is an emphasis on a less linear approach to the inner workings of our mind.

Sagittarius wants to bring growth wherever it may go, and as it reaches the mind, we can expect exactly that. We will be guided to freely question, explore wisdom, and ponder possibilities and ideas. The way in which we see, think about, and process the world around us is ready to expand—to become wider, wiser, and filled with greater possibilities.

Your invitation

Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius ask us to fall in love with life again, to jump into the world around us, to explore and love, to witness beauty and possibility, to learn and question, and to find comfort and appreciation within new ideas, truths, and cultures.

We are invited to feed our minds in a way that allows our views of the world to expand with new and different schools of thought, philosophies, and spiritual truths. We are asked to learn from immersing ourselves in new experiences and adventures.

As Venus sits in this hopeful, optimistic, and some may call lucky sign, there can be a sense this week that life is on your side. If you feel that glimmer of promise, allow yourself to follow its thread until it becomes brighter and brighter. This week invites you to dream big and hold faith. Much awaits you in this beautiful, vast world. As you dip your toes into the fires of Sagittarius, you will be reminded of this in every direction you dare to wander.

Learn more about the influence of astrology in your life, including astrological events the Moon cycles, your Sun and Moon and rising signs, how journaling can help you connect with the current influences, and more with Jordane Maree at Girl and her Moon.

About our contributor

Jordane Maree is the founder of Girl and Her Moon, a platform and community exploring Soul through the lens of astrology, tarot, and energy healing. She is a writer, intuitive astrologer, energy and soul guide, and host of Girl and Her Moon, The Podcast. She is inspired, every single day, to be the mirror for you to see all that you truly are, you in all your infinite abilities, in total expansion, in infinite opportunity and love.