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Weekly Astrology Forecast, September 25-October 1: Basking in Beauty

This week's new Moon and Venus in Libra continue the balance, love, and awe that began last week when the Sun shifted into this sign. Prepare for beauty and ease.

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This week continues to bring even more balanced, beauty-oriented, love-filled energy following the beginning of Libra season last week. These days are all about awe.

New Moon in Libra

New Moons represent new beginnings. It is the Moon and Sun aligned in a new cycle. The Moon beginning again from emptiness. A new door opened.

The Moon reflects the energy of whatever zodiac sign it is in. When the Moon is new, we are invited to begin again in all the things that current sign represents. The new Moon in Libra on September 25, 2022, expresses harmony, partnership, happiness, and beauty. It is an opportunity to begin once again in a way that creates balance in our lives, to start a new chapter in our existing relationships or an entirely new relationship, and to create a life that feels like a work of art.

Several planets and movements are beautifully supporting this new Moon. Mercury and Venus bring our hearts and minds into alignment so that our feelings, thoughts, and communication can meet with a certain clarity and harmony. Pluto invites us into deep inner transformation and healing. Jupiter ushers us into big dreaming, abundance, opportunity, and gratitude. And Neptune sparks imagination, creativity, and inspiration.

Venus in Libra

Venus is beauty. It is love. It is creativity, artistry, and femininity. As Venus moves through our skies, meeting up with each zodiac sign along the way, she expresses her energy through the lens of these signs, too, just like the Moon.

While in Libra, Venus’s energy becomes magnified, celebrated, and supported. Venus rules Libra, so they are a perfect fit. When they come together, there is ease. During the approximately 30 days Venus spends in Libra, we will be blessed with a feel-good, abundance-filled, harmonious energy. We will also be invited to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, the goodness available in our lives, and our connections with loved ones.

Both Venus and Libra rule over our relationships in astrology, so there will be an emphasis on partnerships, whether romantic, friendship, business, or family. This is the time when the stars align and we can create greater connection in our relationships. This is the energy that allows for harmonious and healing conversations to take place. This is where we are invited to step back and witness the goodness within the people around us.

Your invitation

Under the new Moon, let healing feel easy. There is so much support at this time. Allow your imagination to take you into your wildest dreams. Remember the lightness, happiness, and flow that is available in each moment, even as you undergo transformation. How can you let this in?

As Venus moves into Libra, observe what creativity, abundance, and connection mean to you. What would a life of ease, abundance, love, and beauty look and feel like to you? Create the space to observe and appreciate that in your life. Allow yourself to stretch the limits on how aligned and fulfilling you imagine things being in your life. Set or renew intentions for your relationships. Explore feelings of abundance in whatever way that means for you. Become beauty and love so that it may ripple outward into every aspect of your life.

Learn more about the influence of astrology in your life, including astrological events the Moon cycles, your Sun and Moon and rising signs, how journaling can help you connect with the current influences, and more with Jordane Maree at Girl and her Moon.

About our contributor

Jordane Maree is the founder of Girl and Her Moon, a platform and community exploring Soul through the lens of astrology, tarot, and energy healing. She is a writer, intuitive astrologer, energy and soul guide, and host of Girl and Her Moon, The Podcast. She is inspired, every single day, to be the mirror for you to see all that you truly are, you in all your infinite abilities, in total expansion, in infinite opportunity and love.