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What is Lions Gate?

Revered since ancient times for its astrological alignments, this date in early August asks you to release self-limiting beliefs and embrace your untold potential.

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In astrology, Lions Gate is considered a mystical day, a culmination of cosmic alignments along with wisdom and beliefs passed down from ancient cultures.

Occurring on August 8th each year, Lions Gate is the melding of two strong cosmic energies: the star Sirius coming into alignment with Earth and the Sun exerting its influence from its ruling sign of Leo. The day is considered a window, or portal, into enhanced awareness that lies beyond our usual perception. The effects of the astrological alignments can begin to be felt on July 26 and will last until August 12, with the peak energies being felt on 8/8.

The astrology of Lions Gate

Sirius rising

In astrology, “fixed stars” is a term, coined by ancient Greek astrologers, that refers to any celestial bodies other than our Sun, Moon, and planets. These stars appeared from the naked eye to be fixed in the sky rather than wandering. The energy and influence of these objects were believed to be similarly precise and focused, like a laser beam of light, and their presence felt in a pointed, obvious way.

Sirius is one of these fixed stars. The brightest star in the night sky, Sirius is often referred to as our “spiritual Sun.” Whereas our actual Sun is believed to illuminate our physical reality, Sirius is said to illuminate our soul, our spirit, and our timeless and boundless selves.

Ancient cultures are believed to have associated the bright star with abundance and fertility. In Egypt, its annual rising along the eastern horizon each August, when the star comes closer to the Earth, corresponded with the annual flooding of the Nile, which enriched the soil, literally supporting life or, in a sense, rebirth.

Our spiritual Sun’s rising on 8/8 brings a potent influx of energy and reminds us of our untold potential. The essence of Sirius represents our higher ambitions and aspirations. It brings in a perspective that reminds us of possibilities that are beyond our current realm of belief, of the potential for creation outside of perceived boundaries, and the timeless space where life-giving miracles, as the flooding of the Nile, are birthed.

It’s a star that asks us to widen our perspective so that we can play in energetic realms that are beyond what we understand, observe the pure creation found within divinity, and witness ourselves as a spark of that.

Sun in Leo

Another defining characteristic of Lions Gate is the Sun finding itself in the sign of Leo. In astrology, Leo is ruled by the Sun. As such, their energies, intentions, and influences are similar.

When the Sun and Leo coincide in the skies, the effects of both energies become amplified. This brings us, as individuals, a certain magnetism. Consider that the Sun is sufficiently magnetic to cause Earth to revolve around it. Our days are ruled by its rising and setting and we are nourished by its warming presence. How would it feel to embody this kind of presence and influence?

When we allow the energy of Leo season to wash over us, especially on the Lions Gate portal day, we are able to find the fiery, courageous parts of ourselves that know our worth, and we start to glow so brightly and wildly that life begins to organize itself in response to our intentions and vibration.

The numerology of Lions Gate

Along with the cosmic alignments that create Lions Gate portal, the practice and wisdom of numerology is at play.

Numerology, like astrology, is an ancient tool, language, and art that permeates history. Numerology can be found in Hebrew mysticism, Mesopotamian culture, Greek philosophy, the Vedic systems of India, even Christianity.

According to this science, each number holds a unique energy, vibration, and meaning. In numerology, eight is a powerful number representing the marriage of spirit and matter. It is regarded as the creation gateway that acts as a bridge between the physical and the energetic, the seen and the unseen.

Number 8 and infinity loop
(Photo: Maximal Focus)

If we turn the number eight on its side, we are shown the infinity symbol, which represents the free flow of energy in giving and receiving. If we then look at the number eight as one loop mirroring another, the number acts as a visual representation of the concept of creating our realities through who we are. Reality mirrors our energy, making who we are the precursor for our reality.

The numerology of 8/8 speaks to bridging energy and matter—the process of thought and feeling manifesting into tangible reality. The number reminds us that all that we are is mirrored into our environment, and all that we give into the world will return to us.

The potential for manifestation of Lions Gate

Although the concept of manifesting has been gaining popularity in recent years, the belief that we create our own reality is by no means new. Lions Gate reminds us that creation, or manifestation, begins within. It arises from the unseen, the thought form, the energy flow, the pool of imagination, and expands until we become this energy. Until we become it so boldly, fully, and knowingly, that it overflows into the physical and our imagination is now our reality. Until what we had reserved as possibility is now very real in our lives.

Lions Gate is a beautiful reminder of the magic that we each hold. Lions Gate asks us to reach beyond the fears we hold around failing or being let down, beyond the limited beliefs of what is possible or not possible. To be bold and daring, to venture into the excitement of what we might let ourselves desire. To believe in possibility and reminds us that all that exists once began as mere possibility—it simply needed someone to bring it into the world. To remember the power we hold in our choice to be, believe, and create, and the natural magnetism that radiates from being in this state. In essence, it asks us to turn up the volume of who we are.

The invitation of Lions Gate

Allow yourself time for meditation to amplify your vibration. Engage in movement that taps into your inner strength. Repeat affirmations that speak to all that you are becoming. Express confidence in your words and posture to louden your magnetism. Write your wish lists more like order forms to support manifestation. Allow your intuitive sensing to help you tune into the power and the spirit of this day.

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About our contributor

Jordane Maree is the founder of Girl and Her Moon, a platform and community exploring Soul through the lens of astrology, tarot, and energy healing. She is a writer, intuitive astrologer, energy and soul guide, and many other labels that could never fully grasp the magic, passion, and desire she has to serve. She is inspired, every single day, to be the mirror for you to see all that you truly are, you in all your infinite abilities, in total expansion, in infinite opportunity and power.