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What the Full Moon in Gemini Means for You

No one has all the answers. That's part of the challenge—and the beauty—of being human. December's full Moon helps you ease into that awareness.

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The full Moon in Gemini is the last full Moon of 2022 and, fortunately, the least emotional. It’s an opportunity to open your mind and self to new vibrations that promise to usher in change over the next year. It’s also a time to reflect on the past year.

What the full Moon in Gemini means for you

Ruled by Mercury and air, Gemini is the sign of the ever-curious twins. This energy represents the duality of the Universe that is present within each of us. If you’ve ever felt two emotions simultaneously or felt pulled in two directions, you were embodying the energy of Gemini. It is the makings of bittersweet memories, wavering opinions, and indecisiveness.

Gemini reminds us that we are complex creatures and not everything in this world is black or white. There are shades of gray where nothing is clear. In this energy of uncertainty, though, we can find magic and endless possibilities.

Gemini is one of the most social signs of the zodiac. It inspires us to exchange energy freely with others. This full Moon in Gemini is festive and allows us to shake off any emotional upheaval of 2022 and clear the way for new, vibrant energies to enter in the new year.

What to consider during this full Moon in Gemini

As you work with this full Moon, feel where your energy has become divided. Where is your mind saying one thing, but your heart is saying another? Where are you feeling indecisive or insecure in your decisions?

This full Moon is a time to communicate with both yourself and others. Start by looking at how you can reconcile two differing viewpoints you may hold about the same thing. Become aware of any conflicting thoughts or emotions within you. When we are unclear about what we desire or how we want to feel, it can be challenging to manifest our visions. If you feel that you are torn between energies, this full Moon can help you choose a path and follow it with confidence into the new year.

This is also a time to look at how you have become too rigid in your opinions. Gemini’s energy can divide us. One of the low side of this vibration is extreme division, where two parties cannot possibly consider the other’s perspective. We see this energy show up in politics, but it can also show up at a family dinner party.

On this full Moon, acknowledge where you have become overly attached to your opinions, emotions, or perspectives. How can you align with Gemini’s mutable nature to become more flexible in your energy? You don’t need to concede to another person’s thoughts or ideas immediately, but it can be a very unifying experience to at least consider where they may have the information you lack.

Remember, Gemini is the energy of duality, where both sides are looking for a piece of themselves in another. Just as in the yin and yang image, the yin always has a drop of yang, and vice versa, Gemini reminds us that every side has the potential to contain another opposing force. Feel how this notion can help you open your consciousness to conflicting perspectives. The Gemini full Moon is a reminder that the world is full of information and knowledge that we have yet to experience.

When we open ourselves up to new energies, we can feel confused at first, and that’s okay. It’s better to be confused than to be too attached to our viewpoints. We eventually want to integrate new knowledge within our energy so we can make necessary changes to manifest our visions.

Gemini’s energy seeks first to break through our attachments to perspectives, then help us integrate new information to form expanded viewpoints. Once we become overly attached to those viewpoints, the cycle starts again. Through these cycles of new information, we have opportunities to create change in our emotions, energy, and lives.

Over this last full Moon of the year, feel where you are ready to create change. What is asking to be shifted in your life or energy? What is ready to break free of old thought patterns? Gemini carries the ability to change our lives at lightning speed. This energy brings new information quickly into our lives.

Make sure you ground your energy on this full Moon so that you feel stable in your vibration to receive information. Allow your consciousness to widen as you interact with the world around you and exchange energy with different people. Let yourself be confused, and let yourself wonder about what lessons you have yet to learn. You may never hold all the keys to the Universe, but luckily there are people willing to share their knowledge and help you expand. Be grateful and be open to every energy you come in contact with this full Moon and let it help you evolve.

The full Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius

On this full Moon, we are working with the energies of both Gemini and Sagittarius. As the Moon and Sun oppose one another, we can see the full illumination of both signs in our energetic bodies. We can feel into where we align with the low side of Gemini and where we embody the lower vibrations of Sagittarius. We can then release or shift these and align with the higher vibrations of both signs, merging them to take on the highest qualities of both signs.

Both Gemini and Sagittarius are concerned with the mysteries of life and how we understand them. Gemini sees the details, while Sagittarius considers the bigger picture. Together they have an expansive view with the knowledge of the intricacies that make the whole.

Gemini occupies the Third House of communication, while Sagittarius occupies the Ninth House of truth and knowledge. Together they form the axis of the mind. When working with these energies, you can understand the foundation of how your mind works, how you approach new information, and how you process it. Do you embrace new ideas with comfort, or do they threaten your sense of reality and make you feel defensive? Do you hold on to narratives for the sake of comfort or do you readily change the stories you tell yourself and welcome the unknown? Furthermore, do you think in linear terms, or do you understand the interconnectedness of everything?

These are the questions of the Gemini/Sagittarius axis and this full Moon. As you work with this axis of energy, enjoy the process of understanding how you think and how you relate to information. Remember not to take it personally. Instead, be an observer of your mind and energy. It’s all information, and this full Moon reminds us that information is powerful. Of all the opposing signs, Sagittarius and Gemini are the most similar. They both are in search of truth, they both follow their curiosity, and they both will stop at nothing to gain knowledge.

Also, they both teach us to suspend judgment and keep an open mind in every situation. Gemini encourages us to focus on the details and make distinctions between energies, people, and places. Gemini helps us understand all the information we need to understand the larger picture of the world. It helps us analyze and use left-brain rationality to make decisions, come to conclusions, and decide on which viewpoint to see the world from. Gemini’s energy helps our thoughts move quickly as we use our intellect to navigate the world through reason and logic. It helps us ask questions and pay attention to the important details of life. It also helps us remain curious and inspired to find out more about our world and all the information it holds.

Sun in Sagittarius, on the other hand, lives in the big picture. This energy helps us see everything as one big array of interconnected dots. Sagittarius aligns with the right side of the brain, which prefers to rely on feeling and intuition over logic. Sagittarius helps us feel into the deeper meaning of life, focusing on the horizon and sometimes missing the details. When we align with this energy, we see the world as a constant thread of interwoven and entangled energies ready for exploration.

Both Sagittarius and Gemini need each other. To align with both of these energies, we need to embrace our logical sides, which seek details to distinguish between extremes. We also need to align with our intuitive natures, which embrace the interconnectedness of everything.

This full Moon in Gemini is a time for us to appreciate the details of life while working on the bigger picture. It’s a time to understand how to both micro- and macro-manage life. Dreams and visions require logic as well as intuitive guidance. They need to-do lists and steps along with daydreams and serendipity. To manifest our dreams, we need to understand their intricacies. To give direction and meaning to those intricacies, we need to understand the bigger picture. This full Moon gives us the opportunity to find both the little things and the meaning of it all.

Aligning with their higher vibrations requires an open mind, a willingness to expand past our current perceptions, and gratitude for all the dots that connect to form our lives. Part of merging and working with the energies of Sagittarius and Gemini is releasing their low sides. For Gemini, this looks like division. It occurs when we close ourselves off to other people’s perspectives or ask questions for the sake of proving someone wrong. Gemini’s low side appears when we overshadow another person’s truth and talk over them to show our own knowledge. We forget to listen and we forget to learn. This shadow side can show up when we feel uncomfortable, threatened, or afraid of losing the stories we tell ourselves.

Sagittarius has a similar low side that shows up as self-righteousness and arrogance. Instead of remembering that everyone has something to teach, we assume we have the answers. We close ourselves off to people and act as if we know better because of our experiences.

If you find yourself aligning with these low sides, have a conversation with someone and open yourself to their perspective. Spend more time listening than talking. If you feel yourself becoming defensive, take a deep breath and lean in more. Ask yourself what you are resisting. What story are you attached to that may be scattering? What perspective is being challenged and does it need to be challenged?

Your invitation

This full Moon, let go of any need to be correct. Accept that your energy is constantly evolving and growing. No one has all the answers, and that is part of the beauty of being human. Align with the high sides of Gemini and Sagittarius to weave a new story—a story that allows for changes in perception and embraces new information. See us all as interconnected energies. The highest merger of these energies teaches us that there is no you or me. There is only us.

When we embrace both high sides, we gain direction with a bigger-picture vision. We understand the details of what’s needed to create our intentions and understand other people’s pivotal roles in helping us. We make decisions with confidence because we know where we are headed and what information we need to get there. Even if we don’t have all of the answers for the journey, we trust that if we open our minds to those around us, the messages we need will find us at just the right time. We see the serendipity of the world and honor our place in the puzzle of life, knowing we are connected to everything we need to create our dreams.

Learn more about the full Moon in Gemini, including additional astrological insights and journaling prompts, in the Gemini Full Moon Workbook, from which the above is excerpted.

About our contributor

Jill Wintersteen is the founder of Spirit Daughter, a lifestyle brand devoted to helping you live your best life through understanding the energy of the Universe. She also writes workbooks on each full Moon as well as other astrological events. Follow her on Instagram @spiritdaughter.