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What the Full Moon in Sagittarius Means for You

It's time to break through fear to live your authentic truth.

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The energies of a Full Moon bring change and transformation. Remember that the light of the Moon actually comes from the Sun as it reflects onto it, flooding out most of its shadows. Similarly, we may come face-to-face with our own shadows. Any internal blockages we may be experiencing are illuminated under this light. The Full Moon is like an accountability partner that says, “Remember those things you wanted to change?”

The full Moon in Sagittarius

The full Moon occurs in Sagittarius on June 14, 2022. Sagittarius is the eternal student of the zodiac, forever wandering the globe in search of new knowledge and perspectives. This energy compels us to be curious and leave our comfort zones. It encourages us to open our minds to new perspectives and experiences. It craves newness from every angle. Routines and predictability have no place in this energy. Sagittarius asks us to throw everything we know up in the air and allow the pieces to land where they may. It’s only by shuffling life into disarray that we can connect the dots in new ways, finding connections that we may have missed if we had kept everything neat and tidy.

Sagittarius also compels us to take leaps of faith, trusting that the best will unfold. This energy helps us focus on the good and, in that attention, cultivate more positive vibrations throughout life. This energy dares us to take a chance, even if we don’t know the outcome. Sagittarius teaches us that we can always find the higher meaning in any situation, even those that don’t go according to plan. We never need to fear what may happen because we can always find the silver lining if we try hard enough. Sagittarius wants us to walk into unfamiliar territory with the inner confidence that the best-case scenario will occur.

During the full Moon in Sagittarius, ask yourself how you can shake things up a little. Step out of your comfort zone and align with the energy of hope to heal the part of yourself that’s scared of the unknown. Acknowledge your fears when they come, learn from them, and resist their controlling tendencies. Remind yourself that the Universe is always looking out for you.

How the full Moon in Sagittarius illuminates our fears

The Sagittarius full Moon has the power to help you understand which fears need to stay and which ones should go. Fear is an interesting emotion. It serves us well during crucial times of our lives but also blocks our growth when it governs all of our decisions. When feeling fear, ask yourself if it is really warranted. Is there a genuine threat to your well-being, or is fear misplaced? What fear is essential to keep you safe, and what fear is blocking your growth or preventing you from following your intuition?

This full Moon is a time to acknowledge where you’re making fear-based decisions. We do not need to take the familiar road out of fear of the unknown. It’s a time to become aware of the routines and ruts that you’ve formed to cling to the familiar. It’s also a time to face your fears of the unknown and take leaps of faith that help you grow. This time also opens up the door to believing the best can happen. We spend much of our time “what if-ing” ourselves and envisioning the worst-case scenario. This catastrophic thinking only serves to block our ability to manifest and recognize best-case scenarios. Worrying about the future does not help you in any way. It may feel like you are preparing for different scenarios or controlling outcomes, but you are only depleting your energy.

The best way to prepare for potentially negative situations is to stay fully present. When you remain present, you have your full energy and attention to respond to anything life hands you. Being present and assuming the best will happen is key to working with this full Moon. Challenge yourself to remain in this state of mind for at least the day. When intrusive thoughts enter, counter them with affirmations that state the opposite. Challenge your worries and fears with the help of this Moon and ask yourself if you can heal these fears. Sagittarius teaches us that there is nothing negative or positive on our journeys. There are only lessons. We can find the higher meaning in everything if we are willing to look.

Other planetary influences on the full Moon

The Moon and Sun do not sit in the sky alone. There are other planets and energies that affect the full Moon’s vibrations and how we feel this day. When cosmic bodies sit at certain degrees away from each other, they form aspects. These aspects can be harmonious, building on the energy of the full Moon, or they can challenge it, making the day feel more intense. Every full Moon has some aspects affecting it, and these aspects change from year to year, making each full Moon unique in its energy. This full Moon incorporates the energy of Neptune and Saturn.

The Moon and Sun square Neptune in Pisces, causing some tension. Neptune governs our dreams and illusions. This square asks us to confront where we allow fearful visions to govern our lives, then break through them. It asks us to look at how we envision worst-case scenarios unfolding and believe these illusions to be true. This square is an opportunity to acknowledge where intrusive visions come into your life and challenge them with trust. In working with this square, notice what triggers a downward spiral of fear-based visions in your life. What causes nightmare scenarios to overtake your present moment and plans for the future? How have you let fear interfere with your ability to align with your higher visions, which assume the best will happen, and trust in the process of your life? On this full Moon, attempt to break through your illusions caused by fear. While they may pop up in your mind from time to time, find ways to redirect your energy toward positive visions that include trust in your life.

The Moon and Sun also form a beneficial aspect with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. Saturn in Aquarius asks us to make commitments that help raise the vibration of the collective. It asks us to look past our personal fears and rise to a new frequency that can help the world elevate. It also asks us to commit to breaking free of old paradigms that limit our growth and instead form new ones that benefit the evolution of all beings.

How to navigate the full Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius teaches us that life is always handing us wisdom in different forms. We are continually growing and evolving. Some of these lessons may not be what we consciously want, and they may even leave us with negativity, but ultimately they help us become the person we are meant to be in this life. Address your negative emotions, but also take the time to heal them. Let this full Moon help you find a deeper meaning to every event in your life, and then let this knowledge heal you.

Throughout this Full Moon, notice what it feels like to operate from a vibration of fear. Notice how fear affects your decisions and your ability to listen to your intuition. Your inner knowledge is grounded in the present. It comes through quickly and feels like a flash of brilliance or insight. Fear, on the other hand, comes with much overthinking. It can be visceral but leads you on a downward spiral, where you can no longer hear yourself. All you can hear is fear.

On this full Moon, learn about your fears and understand how they control your narratives. What stories do your fears tell you? How do your fears impact your ability to listen to and be guided by your inner knowledge? Notice how fear has controlled you in the past, and commit to not allowing it to control you in the future. Step into unknown territory by making decisions based on your assumption the best will happen instead of those based in fear. Believe in yourself and believe in all the good in your life, then know this belief will call in the energy you need to evolve in the best way possible.

As you work with the energy of Saturn this full Moon, ask yourself what paths you are ready to commit to, even if they feel uncomfortable or unknown. Know that when you align with your soul’s path and raise your consciousness, it helps everyone around you. When you break through fear to live your authentic truth, the world benefits. Challenge yourself to step away from patterns that limit your expansion. When you take a leap of faith to align with your soul’s journey, you inspire a new vibration of hope in the collective. How can committing to the paths help the larger collective and raise the vibration of the planet?

Honor this full Moon in Sagittarius with journaling prompts and additional insights from the Sagittarius Full Moon Journal, from which the above is excerpted.

About our contributor

Jill Wintersteen is the founder of Spirit Daughter, a lifestyle brand devoted to helping you live your best life through understanding the energy of the Universe. She also writes workbooks on each full Moon as well as other astrological events. Follow her on Instagram @spiritdaughter.