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What the New Moon in Virgo Means for You

You're being asked to ground yourself in the beauty of your gifts as you look ahead to the life that you envision for yourself.

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New Moons teach us to define what is most important to us and how we want to spend our energy. Each new Moon gives us the opportunity to lay out blueprints for our daily lives. They also remind us that we are in control of our destinies. We make the choices that affect our lives, and our fate is in no one else’s hands but our own.

The new Moon in Virgo on August 27, 2022, holds the space for us to bring form and detail to our visions. Allow this new Moon to empower you. Believe in your potential to design any life you desire. You hold all the power you need to manifest any vision. It’s up to you to decide how and when to use this power. It’s a time to ground your energy, become clear on your path ahead, and know that you have the resources within to build your dreams.

What the new Moon in Virgo means for you

Virgo is the sign of the goddess. This divinely feminine energy can teach us many things about our power to heal, grow, and align with our intuition. All beings carry this energy, and it does not matter what gender you were assigned at birth—you still hold the feminine energy of Virgo.

Virgo teaches us how we can be of service by helping us find our gift. This is the energy we hold that no one else does. It is what makes us unique and creates the foundation of our unique offering to the world. To give our gift to others, we must make the journey from finding it to accepting it to giving it. Virgo can help us with this journey, and her season is the time to focus on what we have to offer others to help them heal, feel empowered, and ultimately contribute to the future of a more evolved society.

We have to start with ourselves, though. Your gift to others is first a gift to yourself. It’s not about your talent or what you’re good at. It’s about the activities and creations that make your heart smile and ignite your passion to keep going. How can you turn what makes you feel fulfilled into an offering to support the growth of others?

Virgo also brings us the vibration of organization. This energy can be applied to time itself. Set aside time each day to explore what brings joy to your heart and how you can evolve this joy into a gift of service. You may have started the process of finding joy in Leo season. Virgo takes this process one step further. Find the things that absorb your attention and focus, and enable you to get lost in the moment. Experiment with different modalities of creativity that bring a sense of fulfillment to your being. Allow yourself to play in the many possibilities this life can bring you.

It can be challenging to accept your gift even after you do the work to find it. You may not think that it is good enough or that you are good enough. You may also get lost in a sea of perfectionism that fools you into thinking that you need to work harder on your gifts before allowing others to see them. This is where the next step of Virgo comes in to help you recognize that you have always been good enough, that you are worthy of your gift, and that it is ready for others to see.

Virgo is one of the great healers of the zodiac. She reminds us that our wounds can sabotage us in ways we least expect. If we truly want a strong foundation, we must heal the cracks in the soul. When we have unprocessed grief or trauma from the past, it creates energetic noise in our systems. It distracts us, takes us off course, and brings us out of the present moment. Our wounds can call in situations that repeat the past and cause chaos in our lives.

Virgo is also the sign of organization. She reminds us that to reach our highest visions, we must declutter our minds and our hearts. As you set your intentions this New Moon in Virgo, feel your power to not only create your life but sustain it. How can you show up every day for yourself and for others?

As you form your intentions this new Moon, feel if any energies pull you back. Is there anything causing you doubt, telling you that you are unworthy, or preventing you from believing you are capable of manifesting your visions? These feelings may be subtle, but notice if they come up. Notice when you become stagnant in your path out of fear or feelings of unworthiness. Notice when perfectionism comes up and blocks your growth. Become aware of the shadows in your subconscious mind that tell you stories of why you could not possibly be good enough to stand in the power of yourself.

As you acknowledge these things, you will begin to heal what holds you back from showing up as yourself and honoring the gifts that only you have to give. Address their root causes. While you may not be able to heal them in one night, come up with a ritual to heal them over time.

Healing rituals look like daily journaling. They can be mantras you say when self-doubts arise. They may even be a plan when a certain thought or feeling comes up. This plan can include a breathing exercise, a series of questions to ask yourself, or a call to a loved one who can give you a different perspective.

As you create various new Moon rituals for yourself, include ones that build your intentions and ones that heal the part of you that subconsciously tears down your intentions. Much of the work of manifestation is shifting what blocks you from receiving what is already yours.

Remember, Virgo is the goddess of the zodiac. She answers to no one and designs her life for herself. In doing so, she touches her core essence and finds what brings the most joy and fulfillment to herself. This naturally becomes the gift she gives others.

Being of service to others isn’t about living your life for other people or people-pleasing. It’s about defining who you are and what you love, and letting this love of life naturally flow out to the world. Through understanding your worth and what you bring to the table of life, you can develop your offering to others with presence, conviction, and power. You can stay rooted in your individuality and authenticity while showing up for others and helping raise their consciousness.

Through your intentions, make choices that define the life you want to live. Decide how you want to feel each day and carve out routines that ground you in that feeling. See the path to your visions unfold in front of you one step at a time.

If you get lost along the way, return to what makes your heart feel fulfilled. Do what makes you happy with the highest intentions. Feel your power to create anything in your life this new Moon. You must open yourself and allow the energy to permeate your mind and body as you go down several rabbit holes of exploration. You must learn to trust the process and surrender to its magic, knowing you are ultimately the one in the driver’s seat.

Allow this New Moon in Virgo to empower you. When you satisfy your soul, you will naturally contribute to the healing, happiness, and well-being of the greater collective. It all starts with you, though.

Learn more about this new Moon in Virgo in the Virgo Season + New Moon Workbook, from which the above is excerpted.

About our contributor

Jill Wintersteen is the founder of Spirit Daughter, a lifestyle brand devoted to helping you live your best life through understanding the energy of the Universe. She also writes workbooks on each new and full Moon as well as other astrological events. Follow her on Instagram @spiritdaughter.