How to Find Your Balance On and Off Your Mat

Irene Pappas shares how she transformed her life from a place of intense fitness to a more mindful practice.

How An Inversion Practice Changed Irene Pappas’ View on Yoga

How An Inversion Practice Changed Irene Pappas' View on Yoga

Irene Pappas has a great love for inversions. But when her wrist injury forced her to slow down, she found a balance that changed the way she practiced.

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Why Irene Pappas Moved to Colorado

Irene Pappas in Colorado

Irene Pappas decided she wanted to immerse herself in nature and be more present with her surroundings.

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4 Quick Tips to Finding Balance in a Handstand

handstand quick tips

Master handstand with these 4 quick tips from Irene Pappas.

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