Bed Asana

Jessica Albeson discovers yoga in bed is just the thing to wrap up the day.

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by Jessica Abelson

It’s time for bed and I couldn’t be happier. My day was long, and I feel stiff. I’ve been sitting for hours, staring at a computer screen. After hustling through public transportation, eating dinner, and finishing chores, I am now in my bed, exactly where I want to be.

While my body and spirit are ready to surrender to the night, my mind still buzzes. I feel antsy, ready for some kind of closure to the day. As I sit in bed pondering my next move, I feel a nudge from within to practice yoga.

Usually I would clear the clothes and dog toys from my cluttered floor, push aside my desk chair, and roll out my mat. Tonight, however, I’m just too tired. Too much effort, I think.

Since moving to my San Francisco apartment, bed has become so much more than a place to sleep. It is the centerpiece of my sanctuary. Now bed is where I read, where I watch TV, where I talk on the phone, and—against all motherly advice—even eat. So why not yoga?

Without much thought I stretch my arms up in a yawn and slowly fall over my legs into Paschimottanasana. I feel of my hamstrings and back muscles stretch, so liberating and de-stressing. Ahhhh. I exhale any worries from my day, allowing them to fall away as I melt into the comfort of my bed.

Soon, I am following my body on series of gentle poses. Cat-Cow, Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana, Balasana, and some simple twists. I don’t follow any instruction or video. Instead, I allow my body to tell me what it needs without worrying what I “should” do.

Finally, I find myself in my favorite pose, One-Legged Pigeon. As I melt over my right leg, my head falls to the pillow, soft, safe, and nurturing. I may not be following the best form, I’m feeling right in line.

Stretched out, tired out, I follow the whispers from my body … “rest, rest, rest.”

Jessica Abelson is the Web Editorial Assistant at Yoga Journal.