City-Slicker Yogis: 5 Readers Share Their Urban Practice

These YJ readers share the yoga they practice in cities around the world.

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These YJ readers share the yoga they practice in cities around the world.

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Sylvie Astrid

tripod headstand pose, mukta hasta sirsasana

San Rafael, California

Salamba Sirsasana‘s centering and energizing qualities were exactly what I needed to explore the City of Light: Paris.”

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Michael Kuang

easy seat pose, sukhasana

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

On a trip to busy New York City, I decided to ‘Stop, drop, and yoga’ at the Bethesda Terrace steps in Central Park. I try to find a little stillness no matter where I am.”

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Yely Staley

side crow pose, parsva bakasana

San Mateo, California

“After walking up and down these unique and beautiful steps in San Francisco, I decided to challenge myself with Side Crane Pose.”

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Amanda Zavodnick

handstand pose variation, adho mukha vrksasana

Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

“Philadelphia has a long tradition of representing love and freedom; it’s thus the perfect place to practice yoga, which teaches you to love your true self, free of judgment.”

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Erica Leibrandt

mermaid pose

Golf, Illinois

“Yoga, at its best, is art, so it felt fitting to indulge in a few poses at Millennium Park in Chicago.”

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