Open Your Heart: A 60-Minute Yoga Playlist for the Anahata Chakra

Feeling blocked in your heart chakra? Listen to these heart-opening tunes, drop into Wild Thing, and feel the love.

Get inspired to open your heart with this 60-minute yoga playlist on Spotify. Download the free software to listen to our playlists—and check back weekly for more of our fave yoga tunes.

Feeling blocked in your heart chakra? Listen to these heart-opening tunes, drop into Wild Thing, and feel the love. Leave your yoga practice feeling alive and motivated by these tunes that will burst your heart wide open.

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60-Minute Heart-Opening Yoga Playlist

        1.  “Kusanagi,” ODESZA
        2.  “She Treats Me Well,” Ben Howard
        3.  “Hey Now,” London Grammar
        4.  “because we are fools,” Denitia and Sene
        5.  “Kisser,” Step Rockets
        6.  “When They Fight, They Fight,” Generationals
        7.  “Strange Attractor,” Animal Kingdom
        8.  “À tout à l’heure,” Bibio
        9.  “Young Like Us,” Frans
        10.  “Dancing in the Moonlight (2001 Remix),” Toploader
        11.  “Someone New,” Hozier
        12. “Stay Alive,” José González
        13.  “Umi,” Aoste
        14.  “Georgia,” Vance Joy
        15.  “Litost,” X Ambassadors
        16.  “This Heart,” Lexi Kelson

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