5 Kids Yoga Mats We Love

One size does not fit all when it comes to yoga mats. Here, our top five picks for the best mini mats on the market.

As demand for kids’ yoga continues to rise, the rush to equip young yogis with gear to support their practice is on! One size does not fit all when it comes to yoga mats—especially for your little ones. “Teachers have told me that it makes kids feel safer to have a mat that fits them and creates boundaries,” says Jensen Wheeler Wolfe, creator of The Little Yoga Mat. Plus, “kids love being able to tote and roll out their own mat. ‘It’s MINE,” they say. I guess sometimes we forget what an adult-size world they live in!” Here are our top five picks for the best mini mats on the market.

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1. Practice Om Mat

ivivva, Practice Om Mat, teen doing yoga

Get flowing! This lightweight, reversible yoga mat won’t weigh you down. Two years in the making, this mat was designed with a variety of yoga styles in mind. One side is super soft with traction—ideal for a Hatha class. Heading to a Hot Yoga or Power class? Flip it to the grippier surface. Red alignment markers help yoga newbies as they evolve their practice, too.


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2. I Am Yoga Mat

I Am Yoga Mat

It’s a class in a mat. Based on the best-selling kids book, I Am Yoga, author Susan Verde teamed up with Jade Yoga Mats to design this stylish and instructional, travel-size mat. The kid-friendly design features eight fundamental poses with both their English and Sanskrit names. Made for a unique and fun practice in teal and purple, it’s ideal for pre-schoolers through adults with room to grow.

$67 (teal) or $65 (purple),

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3. My Om Little Yoga Mat

My Om Little Yoga Mat

Get your OM on, little ones! Designed for kids 0–5 years, this mat is as cute as your little ones are. A textured, non-slip surface helps tots keep their footing. The hypoallergenic, latex-free runner is also made from soy-based ink. It is available in dark lavender, light blue, and pink.


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4. Tree Mat

Tree Mat

Branch out! Budding yoginis will grow their practice on this cheerful runner, inspired by the Hawthorne tree. The design is the latest in this line of biodegradable, recyclable, non-toxic, and allergen-free mats, printed with eco-safe ink. At 24” x 60,” it’s geared toward kids aged 5–10.


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5. Kids Roboto and Bird Song Yoga Mats

Free as a bird or steady as a robot, these kid-sized mats are playful and fun. Ideal for children ages 5–8, they’re latex-free, lightweight, and durable. Bonus: They come with a lifetime guarantee, too.

$18 each,

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