Manduka’s NEW Mat for Kids and 3 Other Yoga Mom Must Haves

Moms are doing yoga. Kids are doing yoga. Moms and kids are doing yoga together.

With babies hitting the mat as young as a few weeks old — and more products than ever before on the yoga-for-kids market — we asked Yoga Journal’s brand director Kristen Dollard, who is both yogi and mom to 7-year-old Avery and 2-year-old Luke, for her 4 must-haves:

1. Manduka’s LiveON Kids Mat

“I’m a huge fan of Manduka’s new kiddie yoga mat, from their new 100 percent reclaimable and recyclable LiveOn line of yoga products,” Dollard says. “Kids love the bright colors and playful animal design, and the supportive cushion protects little bones and joints.”

[Plus, to celebrate the LiveON Kids Mat, Manduka asked some of their favorite little yogis to talk about their practice. Watch the video.]


2. ANYTHING by Kira Willey of Fireflies.

“Kindie” music artist and yogi Kira Willey is known for her two-in-one albums that combine upbeat children’s tunes with yoga inspiration. “The ready-made classes and music are amazing,” Dollard says.

3. ivivva leggings for girls

Dollard loves lululemon’s ivivva line for active girls. “My athletic daughter needs leggings that go from tennis camp to mom’s at-home yoga studio, so ivivva’s leggings are our go-tos,” Dollard says. “Plus, I know several moms who save money by shopping in the tween department for themselves.”

4. The Honest Company’s diapers

“My 2-year-old loves doing yoga wearing nothing but Jessica Alba’s eco-friendly and cute patterned diapers,” Dollard says. “I put my prepster in the anchor pattern, and when he is acting rebellious we opt for skeletons.”

–Jennifer D’Angelo Friedman