Self-Care: The Ultimate Mindful Mother’s Day Gift

Pre- and post-natal yoga expert Jane Austin urges us to offer moms the opportunity to treat themselves on their special day—and all year round.

Pre- and post-natal yoga expert Jane Austin urges us to offer moms the opportunity to treat themselves on their special day—and all year round.

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful parts of life, but it can also be overwhelming, depleting, and exhausting. That’s why San Francisco-based yoga instructor Jane Austin, who specializes in working with moms and is a mom herself, says the best gifts we can give are those of self-care. “Mamas are often working inside and outside of the home, both are full-time jobs,” Austin says. “So nourishing the self is essential.” Here, she shares tips to support your mom’s own self-care routine. What better time to start than on the day set in her honor?


Roller Squad

“Scheduling a massage with a pro is wonderful, but a little self-massage with coconut oil can go a long way,” Austin says. “It nourishes the body and soul.” Moms can use their hands, a tennis ball, a dry brush, or massage tools.

Gifts: DIY, gift certificate to your local parlor, or a gadget like Soma System’s massage glove with inset rolling balls (, $20).

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Daily Personal Practice

Dharma Wheel

If one pose a day is all that life affords, Austin says go for it. “I always tell my students that one Downward-Facing Dog a day is a daily practice,” she says. “If you have a few more minutes, try doing just one sun salutation.”

Gifts: Designated AM or PM time to practice, a new mat, or a Dharma Yoga Wheel for a quick, satisfying heart opener (, $99).

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Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath

“Something so simple like taking a bubble bath can do wonders,” Austin says. “Add a few drops of essential oil and slide right in!” We love EO’s bubble bath formula, blended with organic aloe, chamomile, calendula, and white tea.

Gifts: Essential oils of bergamot, chamomile, geranium, or lavender (, $12.99).

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Free Time

Meditation Cushion

“Moms need to get out of the house or slip away from work to meet up with a mama friend every once in a while,” Austin declares. “An uninterrupted conversation with a friend can be so nourishing.” For when they don’t have an outing planned, we recommend a meditation book or cushion to fit in some quiet alone time.

Gifts: Yoga class pass, gift certificate to her favorite local restaurant, or a zafu statics meditation cushion (, $74.95).

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Self-Care Retreat

All moms require a relaxing weekend getaway from time to time, but for total mind and body renewal, Austin suggests checking out mother wellness retreats in your area. She hosts her own self-care retreats in California, where mamas have the opportunity to do yoga and Pilates, eat well, and receive life coaching., $775-$875 (Early bird rate until May 15: $695-$795)

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