8 Holiday Gifts for Yogis with a Pitta-Dominant Dosha

The best gifts for Pittas are those that cool off their fieriness or help tone down their intensity. Try these dosha-inspired gift ideas from our holiday gift guide for your friends and loved ones.

The pitta-dominant yogi tends to be an intense, outspoken go-getter who easily overheats. Try these pitta-perfect gifts to cool them down. (Or enter to win some of these presents in our holiday giveaway.)

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Top Yoga Essentials of 2014

Pitta Gift Guide Dec 14

The best yoga gifts for Pittas

The best gifts for pittas are those that cool off their fieriness or help tone down their intensity. Go for soft, soothing blues and purples and relaxing scents like lavender or chamomile. An inspirational quote on the wall provides a feel-good moment during busy days, a cooling gel mask and pillow mist make it easier to get to bed on time, and reusable gift bags appeal to pittas’ practical side.

Great Useful Stuff

Great Useful Stuff Reusable Gift Bags Dec 14

Reusable Gift Bags

$25 for four bags,

Global Goods Partners

Global Goods Partners Purple Silk Scarf Dec 14

Purple Silk Scarf


Earth Therapeutics

Earth Therapeutics Sleep Gel Mask Dec 14

Sleep Gel Mask


Earth Therapeutics

Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Pillow Mist Dec 14

Anti-Stress Pillow Mist



Yogo Mat in indigo Dec 14

Yoga Mat in Indigo



Ling FeeLING Calm Body Balm Butter Dec 14

FeeLING Calm Body Balm Butter



Soko Sky Blue Shine Bracelet Dec 14

Sky Blue Shine Bracelet

This bracelet is handcrafted in Kenya through a partnership between Soko and Africa Yoga Project. $40,


Pukka Peppermint & Licorice Tea Dec 14

Peppermint & Licorice Tea


Amanda Paulson for Minted

Amanda Paulson for Minted Emerson Quote Dec 14

Framed Emerson Quote

$29 for a framed 5” x 7” of this crowdsourced design-winner,