We Asked: Do Yogis Have Better Sex?

Here, insights and 
evidence from academics, yogis, and other experts in the fields of 
conscious living, social criticism, and neurology for the answer.

We collected insights and evidence from academics, yogis, and other experts in the fields of conscious living, social criticism, and neurology to bring you the answer.

Vikas Dhikav, PhD
, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Indraprastha University, New Delhi, India:

“Yoga may be able to improve sexual performance in both men and women. Studies our research group has published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine suggest that practicing yoga for an hour a day increases pelvic and abdominal muscle tone, which can improve stamina and performance. We’ve also found that yoga calms the mind and stabilizes the autonomic nervous system, which can decrease anxiety, allowing for a more satisfying, relaxed time in bed.”

Patti Montella
, Senior Faculty, Art of Living Foundation:

“When you are walking the spiritual path and get to the bliss of divinity, it’s a thousand times more enjoyable than sex. It’s that present moment of complete freedom that people are looking for in life. We find it momentarily in sex, but sex leaves you exhausted, whereas when you are in union with the divine, you have unlimited, sustainable energy and bliss. So rather than just the union of two bodies, it’s union with the divine, which is what yoga is—uniting mind, body, and spirit.”

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Naomi Wolf, PhD, Author of Vagina: A New Biography:

“Based on my research, the anecdotal evidence is that women who are happiest with their sex lives tend to do some sort of mind-body practice like yoga. Women who practice yoga may have more sensation because yoga supports spine health, which in turn supports circulation and engorgement. Yoga integrates the spirit and the body, and that is very therapeutic—especially for women who’ve experienced sexual abuse. I think yoga supports better sex in a holistic way—certainly in women, and I would be surprised if that weren’t true for men as well.”

Charles Muir
, Founder of the Source School of Tantra Yoga, pioneer of conscious sexuality, and yoga teacher:

“Yogis can be better lovers because of their breath control, flexibility, and ability to be present. Tantra Yoga is a path to increase sexual energy, which is not just the energy of passion, but also the energy of creativity and of the animating life force that keeps us young and vital. Just through breathing at the right time, all yogis can take an ordinary orgasm, add pranayama, and quadruple its length, power, and ability to awaken the brain and upper chakras. So, yogis can make better lovers, and Tantra yogis can become masters of the art of love.”

Carol Queen, PhD
, Sexologist, sociologist, and author:

“Not necessarily. While flexibility and body consciousness might be great erotic attributes, the average yoga practitioner has received no better sex education than anyone else. He or she might be just as bound up with shame and gendered ideas about what is “normal” or acceptable, or fear exploration and experience. Furthermore, in some yogic traditions, sexual abstention is encouraged—though that’s not the norm among most practitioners. And not all yogis are Tantric-sex enthusiasts.”

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