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What Your Partner Does & Doesn’t Want in the Bedroom—By Sign

Curious how you and your partner match up between the sheets? Here is astrologer Debra Silverman's cheat sheet of each sign's turn-ons and turn-offs.

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You probably know what YOU want in the bedroom, but the key is knowing how to mirror or “dance” with your partner, says Debra Silverman, yogi Seane Corn’s astrologer and author of The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition.

“In astrology, there are different personality types, and they have different preferences based on their rhythm. The art of making love is always matching the other person’s rhythm,” she explains.

Curious how you and your partner match up (or clash) between the sheets? Here is Silverman’s breakdown of each sign’s turn-ons and turn-offs.

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couple in bed

March 21–April 19


Aries is a very assertive sign. They really love heat and passion, and they enjoy feisty, high-energy intercourse.


Aries doesn’t want the lead-in. Don’t plan it out—let it be spontaneous, and let it happen in a very passionate moment.

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couple with fire and wine

April 20–May 20


Taurus is slow and sensual and loves the lead-in. They want to create atmosphere, to be in front of the fire with chocolates, wine, music, flowers in the room.


To do it impulsively and not have preparation or space being made.

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couple in cafe

May 21–June 20


It’s a turn-on for Gemini to have words, stories, fantasies—to be communicated to. It’s almost like making love for them starts in the conversation versus the bedroom.


To have it be predictable. Gemini needs variety. Think of something new and fresh, and they’re going to be turned on.

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intimacy love

June 21–July 22


Cancer needs atmosphere, their sacred space. They don’t need much variety, but they need a lot of emotional contact. Write them a love letter, make them a really beautiful meal, prepare to go someplace special. Their issue is they never tell you what they want, so if you get them to open up, they will be so delighted.


To be expected to do something rather than being asked.

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July 23–August 22


Leos love dressing up. Give them some kind of costume or role to play, or strange objects. They are open to the playful part of sexuality. They also love receiving gifts—Leo wants to feel really special.


If you expect them to be docile or submissive, that’s a turn-off. They love to be in control. They also like to be creative—they hate being ordinary.

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art, couple

August 23–September 22


Virgos are very sensual, but they’re understated, so people don’t realize how sensual they are. They love a clean space, a really good meal, doing some kind of project or function together before making love.


If the space is not clean—like a rustic camping trip—or if it’s not private.

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couple, romance

September 23–October 22


Libras are all about romance; there has to be a really genuine romantic sensibility. They love chocolates, cards, feeling special. They best thing is to talk to them, to really include your process at the psychological and emotional level.


When you don’t give them words. Libras are codependent, and they need to feel you really made an effort to include them. Casual sex is a big turn-off.

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couple in bed

October 23–November 21


Scorpios have a huge sexual appetite. They love long, leisurely sexuality, like spending the whole weekend in bed, and it’s not a casual event. They love deep emotional conversation where it’s psychological and not just sexual, where they feel so close to you. Sharing a secret is a big turn-on.


The worst thing for a Scorpio is to go fast and to make it a quickie, and not have that luxurious, delicious, genuine emotional bonding. They’re actually more emotional than sexual, but they’re secretive about it.

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scuba diving couple

November 22–December 21


Sagittarius needs to change it up. Plan a trip, recommend an exciting book, do it outside, surprise them someplace completely random, like on an airplane. They love surprises. They’re also very passionate.


Sagittarius hates when it’s lukewarm, or when they’re expected to be “normal.”

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couple in kitchen

December 22–January 19


Capricorns love predictability, stability, and having a consistent schedule, for example, having a “date night” every Tuesday night. They love to talk about work and business and what they’re doing, more than sexy, romantic talk. They also love to help you in some way.


If you’re flighty, inconsistent, unsuccessful, unclean, messy, spontaneous, irresponsible, or not dressed well, those are turn-offs for Capricorn.

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open couple

January 20–February 18


Aquarius likes toys and stories, and they don’t want to feel confined. They have no inhibitions, and they’re interested in open relationships (or at least talking about them).


They don’t want to be normal or appropriate or put in a box.

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fun couple

February 19–March 20


Pisces are the best lovers of the zodiac. They have the ability to transcend time and space, to go off to another world through touch, and they have the best imagination. They have a crazy fantasy life, and they can allow boundaries to go beyond what others would consider unacceptable.


Pisces is very secretive. Don’t tell anyone what you’re doing—let it be your little secret world. They love to hear your fantasies, but don’t want to be locked into any of them. They also hate being very coarse—their whole thing is refinement.

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