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40 Ways Our Editors and Readers Practice Self-Care

These ideas remind us that it doesn't have to be complicated.

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Let’s be honest—January can be a bleak month. The energy that comes with the start of a new year quickly comes and passes, and, suddenly, we’re stuck with cold mornings, lots of darkness, and an endless stretch of winter ahead of us. Those intentions about taking more time for yourself? They may be slipping away.

You may have come into the new year inspired to practice more self-care, but between work, family obligations and, you know, the world, it’s difficult to do just that. But self-care doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. We asked our readers to share some of their favorite ways to practice self-care—and included some of our own. Our hope is that you’ll be inspired to find five minutes (or an entire day) to take care of the most important person in your life—you.

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40 self-care activities our editors and readers love


“Going on walks. Every day before work and during lunch, I get my body moving with a stroll around my neighborhood. Those walks are my time to feel the sunshine and listen to the birds.” —Kyle Houseworth, assistant editor

“A walk in nature.” —@happy.vegan.yogi

“Go for a walk.” —@fuxiwords

“My connection with nature. Long walks without my devices.” —@yogilone.inge

“Walking in nature.” —@veronika.kubin

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Painting your nails

“I paint my nails every Sunday night in preparation for the shiny new week!” —@karenzbull

“Painting my nails—soothing, pretty, gives me confidence.” —@hamisami4

Spending time alone—in silence

“Waking up early…when no one needs me and sitting in silence.” —@sarahmathias27

“Quiet time with no electronics.” —@embee.xo

“Silence; stillness; and a cup of tea.” —@browneyedgirl004

Getting some rest

“Giving myself enough sleep at night.” —@busybeeyoga108

“Nap with my dachshund.” —@schellannette

“Going to bed early!” —@darla.stride

“Making sure to get 8 hours of sleep or more. Sometimes all my body needs is rest!” —@dana_ptyoga

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A woman washes her face with water
(: Getty Images)

Practicing a routine

“My elaborate morning & nighttime skincare routines! It’s how I destress and love myself.” –@kaurhealing

“Nighttime routine! Meditate, journal, and no devices 30 minutes before bed.” —@kamkakes29

Immersing in some hot water

“Sitting in the hot tub.” —@heiditinky

“Draw a bath with essential oil.” –@yoga_pachamama_nyon

“A bath is priority for me. I lock the door & it’s the only time I get to be alone.” —@kemberyoga

“Hot bath and lighting candles.” –@stephjayneanderson


“Reading, and quiet.” –@meathert

“There’s nothing more soothing to me than putting away my phone and curling up with a good book. While it may not be a ‘good’ book in the literary world, a semi-trashy novel is all I need sometimes.” —Ellen O’Brien, staff writer

Reflecting and writing

“Journal.” –@sherionwood7

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Man meditates outside
(Photo: Getty Images)


“A morning & evening meditation.” —@rita.mayyy

Indulging in nourishment that you love

“Tacos.” —Renee Marie Schettler, senior editor

“Taking a quiet walk to my favorite local coffee shop and buying the expensive cappuccino—it’s always worth it and puts me in the best mood.” –Ellen O’Brien, staff writer

Tapping into your breath

“Taking 10-15 minutes to just breathe, be mindful and consciously relax my body, bit by bit.” —@ktlphotog

“Deep breaths.” —@alinezenr

Setting boundaries

“Saying no.” —@tammy_sem

“Telling myself ‘no’.” —@folkertdoesyoga

Finding joy

“Taking a day to have no obligations other than doing things that bring me joy.” —@kayp104

Nourishing your skin

“Use a nice, natural body lotion, which smells great, as well as moisturizing the skin.” —@bourkeshaz

woman running

Moving your body

“Doing some strength training, yoga or running in the morning before the kids wake up.” —@yaleshubha

And of course, yoga

“Early-morning or late-night candlelight yoga. By myself.” —Renee Marie Schettler, senior editor

Cat/Cow in the AM.” —@meganpapandreas

“Starting my day with a short yoga session!” —sturmmonique

“Yin.” —@susanmarierebecca

“Holistic yoga.” —@asharaoyoga

“Yoga and pranayama.” —@yogawithshyamalee

“A simple home practice.” —@i_am_sirius

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