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4 Steps to Setting Up Your Workspace for Prosperity and Success in 2020

Small changes in your workspace can create momentum in your life and in your business. Here’s how connecting with your physical environment can help you achieve your goals.

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Do you have big plans and dreams for the next decade–personal or professional goals you want to achieve? What if you discovered that simply changing the layout of your workspace could set you up for prosperity and success in the new year and beyond?

Thanks to the popularity of the minimalist movement and organization consultant and best-selling author Marie Kondo, of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up fame, there have been noticeable shifts happening in the way people approach their living spaces and their attachments to the things they own. Perhaps, you are already on a decluttering mission and releasing stuff that no longer “sparks joy.”

Setting up your workspace for prosperity and success is not just about decluttering, however. It’s important to dive into the energy of the space as well. In fact, the way you have arranged your home and workspace could be holding you back. By implementing small changes, influenced by Feng Shui principles, you can begin to fully step into the prosperity and success you seek.

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Your Physical Environment is a Mirror of Your Inner World

“Your home and workspace are not just where you spend most of your time, but a window into and an extension of your subconscious mind,” said Dorena Kohrs, aka the Space Doula, a Feng Shui and space clearing expert. Kohrs teaches and guides her clients on the principle that our homes and workspaces are mirrors into our lives and our businesses. “When you shift the energy of one, you also shift the energy of the other,” she said. Kohrs believes that our homes and workspaces can literally become the blueprint of the life we want to live.

The energetics of our home and workspace are similar to the energetics of our bodies in the practice of yoga. When we listen to our bodies in a pose, we feel and connect to those areas that are blocked, tight, and resistant. We can then focus our intention on those areas and use the power of our breath to create space for energy to flow through us.

When we listen and connect with our living spaces, they can communicate to us the areas that are blocked, tight, and resistant.

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The following four steps will help to create changes in your workspace to create momentum in your life and in your business:

1. Set Your Intention

What is it that you desire most from your workspace? Do you desire to be more creative, have greater profits, more clients, or more growth? What does it mean for you to have prosperity and success in the new year?

Making shifts in your living and workspace can bring about a lot of emotions, triggers and require releasing of the past. Setting your intention will provide you guidance on where to focus your attention first without feeling like you have to do everything all at once. It is ideal to set an intention with a moment of stillness and silence so you can fully tap into your deep intentions and areas that require your focus within your space.

Sit quietly in your space and close your eyes. Begin to take long deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. With each breath, begin to open yourself up and connect with the space around you. Connect with your space as a living and breathing extension of yourself. As you go deeper into this connection, you will be drawn towards a specific intention or physical area within your space. Honor the message that you receive, give thanks, and take one final deep cleansing breath. Gently open your eyes and come back into the space around you. If called, write in your journal about your experience, the next steps you are willing to take, changes that need to be made, or a checklist of to-dos.

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2. Connect with Your Space

The layout of your space holds the answers to understanding the landscape of your subconscious. To understand the practice of shifting the energy in your space, a Bagua map is vital.

A Bagua is an energy grid used by Feng Shui practitioners to interpret a home or workspace. It is a tool to help understand and look at the energy fields which are inspired by the natural flow of nature. By overlaying the map onto your space, you can determine your specific energy centers within your layout.


A Business Bagua Map is an energy map showing which area in your space relates to different aspects of your business. The Bagua map divides your workspace into nine different sections that relate to an area of your business. The nine areas are:

  • Wealth + Abundance
  • Fame + Reputation
  • Client Relationship
  • Business Foundation/Growth
  • Mind-Body + Spirit
  • Creativity + Productivity
  • Knowledge + intuition
  • Career + Life Purpose
  • Travel + Helpful People

3. Allow for Flow of Energy

Energy must flow in alignment with your intentions and the direction you want to take your business. For example, if your intention is career growth, but you have a dying plant in the Career + Life Purpose area of your workspace, energetically nothing is growing.

When you compare your current workspace to the Business Bagua Map, you will begin to recognize where the flow of energy is blocked, tight, and has resistance.

4. Create Space for Breath

Breath is life and your workspace needs it too. It is necessary to create space to breathe, this means decluttering and cleansing is required. Kohrs reminds us, however, that “clutter is not always an overflowing junk drawer.”

Space for breath is created by releasing those things that keep up stuck physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically. Focus on releasing and opening up space around outdated jobs, clients or work that keep you stuck in negativity or a past that no longer serves you.

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This could mean you need to remove the plant you can’t seem to part with, even though you know it will never come back to life. Toss the years of handouts from the workshops and trainings that are stacked on the bookshelves that seem to only be a constant reminder to you that you never followed through. Or remove the old, ugly chair in the corner that lowers your energy whenever you look at it.

To learn more, connect with others on this journey, and get inspired in taking action check out Kohr’s free Home Base Facebook Group for valuable tips and guidance.

Kylie Kwon is a Spiritual Guide & Life Coach. She helps clients shift perceptions and re-work past experiences to be a catalyst and fuel for transformation towards curating a life of true bliss while navigating love, authenticity, and self-acceptance.