How to Be Fearless

Overcome public speaking jitters with chants and asanas.

If your heart races, your mind goes blank, and words stick in your throat any time you need to give a presentation at work or make a toast at a friend’s birthday bash, YogaVoice is your new lifeline. Created by opera singer and yoga instructor Mark Moliterno, this new style of vocal training pairs a series of poses with chants to target your chakras, the seven psycho -energetic centers of the body. “Chakra imbalances contribute to the stress response associated with the fear of public speaking,” Moliterno says. “When you incorporate toning and chanting into your yoga practice, the sound vibration of your own voice tunes the chakras in a way that promotes internal awareness, a calming of your mind, and a reduction in stress.” Each chakra has a bija mantra (like “om”) and a phoneme (vowel or consonant syllable) associated with it. In the weeks, days, or hours leading up to your next big talk, intone these sounds during your regular yoga practice to infuse your talks and toasts with calm energy.

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