Silence the Noise: 3 Ways to Build More Quiet Into Your Daily Life

Learn how to silence the noise of your everyday life.

The Five Stages of Detachment.

Feeling frazzled? Use these tips to start to silence the noise of your everyday life and find more quiet time.

The noise starts with your morning alarm and goes from there—ringing phones, traffic noise, construction clamor. By the end of the day, you’re longing for a silent retreat.

You’re on the right track for wanting to turn things down: Excessive noise can jangle your nerves, raise blood pressure, and interfere with digestion. One solution is to create oases of silence in your everyday life. If you can build up reserves of inner quiet, you’ll be less bothered by noise you can’t control. Try the following tips from Janet Luhrs, author of The Simple Living Guide.

1. Start the day with silence.

“Everyone begins the day with higher cortisol levels, so starting your day with noise from the radio or TV will increase those levels and make you feel more stressed,” Luhrs says. Setting aside some time to meditate is an option, but even showering and dressing in silence will help you feel calmer.

2. Create quiet transitions.

Try driving to work without turning on the radio; set aside a time for silence when you get home. Better yet, designate one evening a week as a nonspeaking one.

3. Let technology help you.

Noise-canceling headphones are great for shutting out unwanted sound; an alarm clock that chimes makes a better morning companion than one that buzzes or beeps.

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