Seane Corn: Social Justice + Game Changers

Seane Corn, co-founder of Off the Mat, Into the World and orchestrator of our yearlong Game Changers column is the perfect person to explore social justice.

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This month, I’m introducing a new format in my Editor’s Letter, in which I interview one of the teachers featured in each issue. The more inspiration we can glean from these wise souls, the better! Seane Corn, co-founder of Off the Mat, Into the World and orchestrator of our yearlong Game Changers column, seemed like the perfect person to kick things off. Enjoy!

Carin Gorrell: What was your goal, your intention, with the Game Changers column and workshop?
Seane Corn: There are some extraordinary people doing incredible work bridging the gap between yoga transformation and social justice. I wanted to be in community, and I wanted to support these people who are doing great work who don’t have the same access or platform that I do. 

CG: What was your favorite moment in the Game Changers workshop at YJ LIVE! in Estes Park, Colorado, this October?

SC: What impressed me the most was how all of us teachers were organically serving something bigger than ourselves and working off of each other. We were all very much connected to the end result, and worked hard to serve that—and to serve each other in serving that.

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CG: What’s next on your horizon?
SC: Interestingly, I’m taking a 4-month sabbatical starting December 6, for 2 reasons. One is because I’m writing a book. The other is because I’m 49 years old: Next year I’ll be 50, and I’m going to be very intentional about stepping into my next role as a female leader in the community. I need to exhale, to take a look at what I’ve created, what worked and what didn’t spiritually, what I still believe in. And I need to grieve, in some ways, my youth, my beauty, so I can open to another level of beauty, another level of self-expression.

CG: That’s incredibly inspiring. So taking a quick moment to look back, this is our Best-Of Issue; do you have a best-of Yoga Journal moment?
SC: I’ve always loved the cover of David Life and Sharon Gannon, where she’s in Lotus Pose on his shoulders. That was just classic, and so unusual for Yoga Journal at that time. On a personal level, and I don’t want to make it about me, but my first Yoga Journal cover was a “best-of”—it was a life-changing moment.

Seane Corn’s First Yoga Journal Cover

October Issue, 2001