The Best Clothing for Meditation: 17 Soft, Loose, and Super-Comfy Picks at Every Price

In fact, these clothes are so happy-making, you’ll never want to take them off.
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Are you wondering what to wear for your meditation practice? Yoga Journal selected the best clothing for meditation—including pants, shirts, and socks—for optimal comfort.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned meditator, you know that meditation is a lot harder than it looks. Focusing on your breath or a mantra and quieting monkey-mind is serious business—and on days when your thoughts get the better of you, it can be easy to fidget. Maybe your foot gets itchy where the seam of your sock hits your pinky toe, or you start to fidget with your shirt. Or, perhaps you start to focus on the too-tight waist band of your yoga pants, or the fact that your undies are bunched in all the wrong places.

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While fidgeting is a natural side effect of a meditation practice, particularly when you’re first starting out, you can set yourself up for less of it by meditating in the right clothing. Here, our favorite bottoms, tops, and socks to keep you cozy—and most importantly, supremely comfy—while you meditate.