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The Best Essential Oil Products for Every Occasion

Discover the best diffusers and essential oils for home, travel, and your beauty routine.

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Favorite Essential Oils

To get the most out of your essential oils, look for the “USDA organic” seal and name of the certifying body (like Oregon Tilth or ECOCERT) on the label. This typically helps ensure you’re buying essential oils that meet industry standards of authenticity and that haven’t been diluted, adulterated, or contaminated with syn- thetic compounds, including pesticides.

A few companies we like:

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For home

Nature’s Truth Essential Oil Diffuser

Nature’s Truth Essential Oil Diffuser

Plug this compact diffuser into an outlet and use 5 drops of oil to fill a room with subtle scent.

$40, naturestrutharoma.com

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For travel

Aura Cacia USB Essential Oil Diffuser

Aura Cacia USB Essential Oil Diffuser

A unique solution for scenting your personal space, even when power outlets are scarce. This portable diffuser draws its power from any USB outlet.

$40, auracacia.com

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For the shower

Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit

Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit

Reinvent your morning or evening shower routine by adding essential oils for a spa-like experience. Simply clip the diffuser to your shower pipe and insert an organic Essio pod containing an essential-oil blend (customized for relaxing, rejuvenating, clarifying, clearing a stuffy nose, etc.). Aim it toward the stream of water, and the oils will diffuse into the shower.

$45, essioshower.com

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For any time

Aroma Couture Women’s Aroma Necklaces

Aroma Couture Women’s Aroma Necklaces

The pendants contain a bamboo-fabric disc: Just place a few drops of essential oil on the disc and enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits for 3 to 5 days; add more drops as the scent fades.

Try some calming lavender before a meditation session, or some energizing peppermint prior to vinyasa practice.

$23–42, aromacouturejewelry.com

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