6 Best Kitchen Gadgets Every Yogi Needs in 2019

Want to eat like a yogi? Here’s what helps Yoga Journal executive editor Meghan Rabbitt stick to a sattvic, healthy diet that fuels her practice.
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The executive editor of Yoga Journal magazine shares her top picks for the best kitchen gadgets of 2019.

I’m a sucker for kitchen gadgets.

Sure, my old bread maker and fondue pot have ended up in the dust-covered kitchen-gadget graveyard in my basement. But there are plenty of others that are in regular rotation in my home kitchen—and help me create tasty, healthy meals that fuel my yoga practice. (Here’s looking at you, Instant Pot!)

Considering healthy eating is on all of our minds right now, I decided to round up the biggest game-changers for me—the kitchen gadgets I believe every yogi needs to make healthy eating a cinch this year.

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