The Best Meditation Pillows

Set your meditation practice up for success with a great foundation. Here are some of our favorite meditation cushions on Amazon right now.

While you can meditate anywhere, a cushion can help in a variety of physical or psychological ways. The right meditation pillow will lift your hips and roll them forward, so you can maintain a natural, comfortable curve of the spine. Whether your meditation practice is seasoned, or you are just starting, the right cushion for your body can make all the difference in your comfort and the length of time you can sit comfortably. Having a special pillow and/or a special place in your home to sit can also make your practice more enjoyable. While each of these four cushions are filled with buckwheat hulls and made of organic cotton covers, they vary in shape, density, and height, making for a unique experience with each. Our test staff ranged in stature from 5’2”, 125 lbs to 5’10”, 160 lbs.

The Best Gift


The Brentwood Homes model is made of a beautiful material and is the tallest of the four we reviewed. You could also rotate this cushion and place between your legs to meditate in a supported Rock Pose. The reviewer with the shortest torso and legs felt this cushion was too bulky, but buckwheat hulls could be removed to accommodate lower height preferences. Because this cushion is the tallest, it will likely be best for those with less hip flexibility. 

Because this cushion is so attractive, it could easily double as a beautiful additional living room seating option or accent pillow. Overall, reviewers felt this cushion would be the best gift due to the designer material. Plus, the taller height is forgiving to most bodies regardless of flexibility. Our 5’4” reviewer felt this cushion was too bulky, so, you might want to choose a smaller option if you are on the petite side. At $47.19, the pricing is right in line with the more expensive color options of the other cushions, with the bonus of  extra loft and intricate pattern. Buy now.

The Custom


Many reviewers enjoyed the ability to customize the shape of this cushion to suit their preferences. The large square shape really allows you to adjust the buckwheat hull filling to provide height where you want it, or low-to-no cushion where you want it. The tallest reviewer found that she couldn’t get enough height. It is also provides ankle cushioning in a crosslegged position, especially if you frequently practice on hard floors. 

Another feature unique to this cushion is that it can also be used on top of the body as a weighted blanket (during Savasana or after a hard day of work – we won’t judge). This is the only cushion reviewed that does not have a carry handle and is a bit awkward to hold and transport. 

Overall most reviewers stated this would be their choice for a second cushion or to be used under a typical round cushion. Our most petite reviewer, however, said this was her top choice. At $28-$59 depending on your color choice, this cushion can be a great value. Buy now.

The Simplest


Sometimes with meditation, simple is best. There is nothing wrong with this cushion, and the circular design serves its purpose well. The tucked fabric border is attractive. Two reviewers stated this is what they would purchase themselves. Simple, utilitarian, sturdy, no fuss. At $35.87, this is a good value for a great product. Buy now.