Best of 2016: The 6 Most Ah-mazing Natural Beauty Products

Every year, Yoga Journal features the best natural beauty products out there. These were a few that we tested and couldn't get enough of. We promise you'll love them too.

Every year, we test and feature the best natural beauty products out there. From lipsticks to masques and more, here are our top six favorites that we couldn’t get enough of. (Promise you’ll love them too!)


Perfect C™ PRO Speed Peel

Perfect C™ PRO Speed Peel

Treat yourself to a professional-style skin makeover with the MyChelle Perfect C PRO Speed Peel. This one-step, one-minute Vitamin C–enriched face masque instantly brightens skin, banishes toxins and gunk buried in your pores, and feels oh-so-delightful after a long sweaty yoga class., $33

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Everclēn Facial Cleanser

Everclean Facial Cleanser

There’s no better feeling than a fresh face—and Everclēn cleanser is our favorite creamy wash. It eliminates dirt without clogging or stripping your pores. It’s vegan friendly, dermatologically tested, and so gentle you can use it multiple times per day., $14

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Eminence Facial Recovery Oil

If you’re an essential oil nut like we are, you’ll love this Herbal Facial Recovery Oil from Eminence. This soothing, anti-aging treatment blends calming clary sage oil, hydrating olive oil, detoxifying sage leaf extract, and balancing ylang ylang oil. Massage three drops into your face gently before bed each night, inhale the calming scent, and sleep well knowing youll wake up to soft, hydrated skin., $76

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Be Adored Lipstick

Be Adored Lipstick

Finding the right all-natural lipstick can be tricky. But Tata Harper’s Be Adored, a red-tinted plumping and hydrating lip treatment, is a rosy color that’ll complement all skin tones. Forget your lips drying out, too. It won’t happen on this shade’s watch—Be Adored leaves lips feeling full and soft for hours., $29

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Smoothing Body Scrub

Tata Harper
 Smoothing Body Scrub

Simulate the spa experience at home with this decadent micro-polishing scrub that’s made with five biodegradable exfoliants. This body scrub makes your skin so smooth, you won’t have to moisturize after your shower., $70

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Pinch Provisions ‘Fitness’ Kit

Pinch Provisions 'Fitness' Kit

Ever get out of class, reach for your deoderant and it’s not in your yoga bag? (Gulp, we’ve been there.) The teeny-tiny Pinch Provisions “Fitness” Kit is a great stocking stuffer for forgetful yogis. Throw this pack in your bag for those unexpected, emergency moments that call for a hair tie, blister balm, earbuds and (drumroll…) deorderant., $22

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